Annabelle Kerr

'I am able to marry my passion for genetics and interpersonal skills and make a career out of it....'

  • Annabelle Kerr

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

Master's student, University of Melbourne, Australia

Annabelle is looking forward to how her research in genetics can benefit the growing field and help clients make informed decisions when it comes to important milestones like family planning and family history.

‘I am able to marry my passion for genetics and interpersonal skills and make a career out of it. My career field is growing every day, new genetic concepts are being uncovered and the world of counselling is forever evolving, so it is exciting to be in a field that will challenge me for the rest of my career.’

Her love for genetics first began when studying biology in high school and she was keen to continue studying Biological Sciences at UC.

‘I have always loved Christchurch and applied to be in College House for my halls of residence. The tradition and set up of the college was what attracted me,’ she says.

Annabelle thoroughly enjoyed the social aspects of studying at UC.

‘Canterbury University has an awesome campus life. The amount of clubs, events and sports that you are able to be involved in is endless. The support shown by the societies is also great and there is always support for academics if needed.’

After completing her degree, Annabelle decided to pursue a master’s degree in Genetic Counselling in Australia, focusing on investigating and providing information on genetic conditions to clients.

‘My UC course gave me the base knowledge for the science side of genetic counselling and helped me decide what aspect of biology I would like to do further study in. I also did a variety of volunteer work throughout my years at Canterbury. This has provided me with a good communication skill base as well as skills in understanding and being relatable, which has most definitely aided in my understanding of the counselling aspect of my degree.’

Annabelle intends to pursue her career on a global scale.

‘I am wanting to develop my skills as a genetic counsellor by working and gaining experience around the world, especially New Zealand.'

She emphasises that a degree in Biological Sciences is a diverse area of study that is likely to cater to anyone finding something they will enjoy pursuing.

‘Keep your options open in your undergraduate studies so you are able to go into fields such as this. There are so many different people from varying backgrounds from vet, cytogenetic, music and psychology that are completing or have completed this degree,’ she says.

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