Ron (Seong Su) Park

'This had been my first step into the business world...'

  • Ron Park

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

Director, Kōrure Ltd

Personal Banker, ANZ Bank Group

Business Advisory Services, Staples Rodway Chartered Accountants

Having already formed his own start-up business during studies, Ron is well on his way towards his future career goals.

‘I had always strived to be an entrepreneur and this had been my first step into the business world,’ he says.

‘I had always been a bit of a health freak so I was naturally interested in health supplements. Living in New Zealand I came across how big the health industry was and the good reputation it had around the world. Hence, I began selling New Zealand health foods (eg, honey, vitamins) overseas. Now, I am taking another step forward into coming up with my own brand products working alongside UC Centre for Entrepreneurship!’

Ron received a UC Innovators’ Summer Start-up Scholarship after successfully presenting his business model in the UCE Summer Start-up programme, which awards him funding for his venture and mentoring support from the industry.

‘I loved the opportunity that I had at UC. UC is so special in a way that if you are willing to make a difference in your community, there are people there to really support you through your journey.’

His entrepreneurial streak has also seen him involved with UC’s student community. Ron is currently a Student Representative in the UCSA, and has also created his own club supporting fellow students.

‘The best part of UC is the club culture on campus. In my time at UC, I really wanted to help international students who felt very isolated moving to another country. Hence, I founded a club called University of Canterbury Global Society. We had huge, HUGE support from the UC Student Success team, Equity & Disability Service, UC Careers, and UCSA.

‘The club was a success and now it has more than 300 members! I’ve really enjoyed bringing different cultures together. UCGS’s objective was to bring international and domestic students together and we did just that.’

Naturally Ron has found the Bachelor of Commerce the best option for his passions in community, business and accounting. His knowledge gained him part-time work with ANZ as a Personal Banker, assisting clients with managing accounts and other services such as insurance, loans, and KiwiSaver.

‘I enjoy the relevance it has in the actual work force. Since I started working at ANZ I finally realised the importance of Debits and Credits! I never in a million years thought my Debit and Credit knowledge from ACCT 102 will come in handy in my life!’

He has also gained a role at Staples Rodway that will help him towards a Chartered Accountant qualification, which he then plans to continue into his own accounting firm and grow his health food business.

‘I had a plan in my head to graduate from UC and work in a Christchurch-based job and really give back to the community that has gone through the thick and thin of my life,’ he says. ‘Thank you UC for all the opportunity and life lessons you have given me! I will take all the learning with me in my next chapter of life.’

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