Marilyn Jin Yie Woo

'UC offers a holistic and enriching educational experience...'

  • Marilyn jin yie woo

Bachelor of Commerce in Taxation and Accounting, and Finance

Tax Consultant, Deloitte

Originally from Malaysia, choosing to travel to New Zealand to study at UC as an international student was a big decision for Marilyn, but one she believes has been hugely beneficial.

‘I have always wanted to study overseas, and New Zealand has a reputation for being a great place to study and for providing a good quality education. I believe the well-established University of Canterbury offers a holistic and enriching educational experience by providing ample opportunities for me to interact with students and academic staff from a variety of cultures from all over the world.’

Adapting to university life in a different country is no easy task, but Marilyn handled the change well. In her first three months in Christchurch, she took part in UC’s Foundation Studies programme which she found helped her to settle into study.

‘The University has done a great job of creating an environment that is conducive to learning. I’ve found that it is well equipped with facilities and services that cater for the needs of the students, and also has good services specifically for international students.’

She enrolled on a Commerce degree, which allowed her to take a number of Law papers. She says this will be ‘not only a very marketable combination, but also intellectually stimulating and engaging… I have always had a fascination for the English language and law.’

Marilyn had developed an interest in accounting in high school in Malaysia and has also been inspired by her father’s career as an auditor.

‘I would like to follow in the footsteps of my father, especially since my brothers are doing completely different things, such as piloting and chemical engineering,’ she says.

Marilyn completed a summer internship at Deloitte before starting her final year of study and while there, she was offered a graduate role as a tax consultant.

‘I am looking forward to working in tax because I have thoroughly enjoyed my tax courses at university,’ she says.’ I like that it combines an element of law together with accounting.’

Now that she has her job at Deloitte, Marilyn has achieved what she set out to do when she arrived at UC.

‘It was always my plan to find a job in New Zealand after graduating to gain some work experience, and properly consider where I would like to go from there,’ she says. ‘I am excited to begin this new stage of my life in a friendly working environment, which I believe will help me utilise the skills and knowledge my education at UC has equipped me with for a fulfilling career.’

While she was at UC, Marilyn took every opportunity to get involved in the student community. She was the Secretary for the Canterbury Malaysian Student Association (CMSA), and enjoyed participating in several other clubs on campus.

She has always found opportunities to interact with different cultures very exciting and went on a six-week exchange to Taiwan with AISEC to teach English, which ‘turned out to be a really rewarding and unforgettable experience.’

The social side of university life was another highlight for her.

‘The people at UC are nice and friendly, and I found that I settled in nicely. In my first year I lived in university accommodation, and I found the community there to be fun and very engaging.’

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