Krizh Lal

'Having my honours qualification from UC definitely gave me a competitive advantage...'

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Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy, Finance and Information Systems*

Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Accountancy, Finance and Information Systems*

Customer Success Manager, Oracle Australia, Melbourne, Australia

Becoming an IT professional after university had always been one of Krizh’s dreams. He is now in his fourth job at Oracle, and thrilled to be working as a Customer Success Manager.

'I always had a passion for IT and how it related to the world of Business and Customer Centricity. I wanted to get experienced by working for world’s leading IT companies and this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have a strong academic foundation,’ he says.

'Working for Oracle Corporation, which is one of the world's leading software companies, gives me the advantage of gaining excellent experience and highly-rated training. It also gives me opportunity to work in different offices around the globe. I have relocated twice from Wellington to Auckland and more recently, Melbourne with the same company.

‘Having my honours qualification from UC definitely gave me a competitive advantage in securing a position at the company, and studying both business and IT gave me all the necessary skills to be able to perform well.'

In his Commerce degrees at UC, Krizh focused on Information Systems, while in his Graduate Diploma in Management from Otago University he focused on project and quality management. This combination prepared him well for his first graduate job, at Altis Consulting Ltd, an information management firm specialising in data warehousing and business intelligence.

'It was interesting to learn how business intelligence software presented reporting and analytics that drove the decision making process,’ he says.

'Having an Information Systems degree gave me a lot of technical knowledge, especially with certain programming languages such as Jade, VisualBasic.Net, SQL and HTML. It is quite interesting to say that I still use most of these programming languages in my current role.

‘The honours year was particularly useful for finding a job, as research-based skills are needed by most organisations. This also drives your communications and writing skills that enables you to articulate your conversations to something which is meaningful and understood by the wider audience. In addition, studying Management was useful when it came to managing an implementation project.’

Krizh believes that Information Systems is an area of study that provides in-demand skills and great career prospects.

'It gives you both business and IT knowledge. Every company today are looking for graduates who understand IT and how it fits a business to increase revenue, install base, customer CLI and product adoption.’

Originally from Suva, Fiji Islands, Krizh found the atmosphere at UC to be welcoming.

'I enjoyed the friendly nature of the students, lecturers and university staff. It felt like a home at which I could spend as much time as I wanted. I was also a tutor, and really enjoyed the respect I got from both students and my colleagues.'

* Students can now study Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems as separate individual subjects.

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