Jake Bowling

'I have found it amazingly easy to settle in and thrive in the halls...'

  • Jake Bowling

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing with a minor in Accounting

Aiming to enter the business world, Jake chose to carry out the first leg of his journey with Marketing and Accounting studies at UC.

The move to campus life in Christchurch from New Plymouth gave Jake the best atmosphere for his academic and social endeavours.

‘I like the idea of being so close to the large central city but still having a community feel being in Ilam. It’s a really good mix of quiet and busy which is different to many other universities found in extremely central locations,’ he says.

The opportunity to live on campus in uni accommodation was another way for Jake to settle into the Christchurch scene.

‘I chose to live in a hall of residence due to the potential of a strong social life. I felt as if not being in the halls could make it more difficult to meet people and find people with the same hobbies and interests, which is why I decided to throw myself in the deep end. And let me make it very clear – it most certainly has paid off!’

Jake settled on University Hall as a popular choice for first years at UC.

‘The whole community feel, alongside strong friendships, have been the biggest highlight here at Uni Hall. It’s incredibly easy to start a conversation with nearly anyone! There are numerous events onsite too, which allow for even more opportunity to meet new people.

‘It doesn’t matter whether you would prefer to study or go out, there will be people here who are exactly the same who you can get along with.’

Indeed, the variety of people and services at the halls provides everyone with a support group when it comes to being at university.

‘Despite being someone who isn’t extremely social by default, I have found it amazingly easy to settle in and thrive in the halls,’ he says. ‘There are an endless supply of Residential Assistants and staff who are there to accommodate any requests necessary for you to settle in properly. The facilities here at Uni Hall are extremely well maintained, the food is amazingly good, and high-quality rooms give good value for money.’

For anyone considering staying in a hall, Jake says the benefits of living in a student community are unmatched for those new to university or the city.

‘My one piece of advice to anyone who is about to move into the halls is to simply keep talking to as many people as you can! It will help so much to create bonds with others, including getting to know your neighbours and once again making new friends,’ he says.

‘If you are still thinking about whether to move in or not, I would recommend considering how many people you know who will also be joining you at UC and if the answer is not many, please consider moving into the halls as it will help a lot to kickstart an awesome social life.’

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