Christina Gallinat

'New Zealand is a great country for adventures...'

  • Christina Gallinat

Study Abroad student

Certificate of Proficiency Engineering

‘Adventure awaits!’ Christina says about studying abroad in New Zealand. Coming down from Germany, she chose to gain new experiences in an unfamiliar country.

‘When I planned my semester abroad I wanted to go somewhere I had never been before. A place where I would not go for two weeks of holidays. Also the place should give me the opportunity to go on adventures and enjoy the outdoors. This is why I chose New Zealand,’ she says.

UC and Christchurch were exactly what she was hoping for, with the academic and adventure opportunities Christina wanted from a trip overseas.

‘It was great to make friends from all over the world and meet so many great people. UC made that possible through housing, the clubs and classes. Thanks to the mid-term break and Christchurch’s perfect location, I had the chance to travel around New Zealand and explore the entire country: it’s easy to go travelling, tramping and rock climbing close by. UC gave us the opportunity to make the most of the time here!’

Staying at Ilam Apartments, Christina spent a lot of her time getting amongst the student community, joining a variety of clubs and making regular use of the free Rec Centre. Her club involvement is a particular highlight from her entire time at UC.

‘This is a great opportunity to get involved outside of classes, meet new people and try new things. I have never kayaked before but the kayaking club offered a white water beginners weekend that I joined and enjoyed.

‘One of my favourite moments at UC was on a trip with the climbing club. In February we spent one weekend at Flock Hill and Castle Hill bouldering. It was a lot of fun and the landscape was just amazing.

‘Another moment I really enjoyed was a weekend I spend with some friends at Aoraki/Mt. Cook. It was in the beginning of the semester and we did a day tramp up to Muellers Hut. It was our first trip in New Zealand and I was simply amazed by the beautiful nature. New Zealand has so much to offer and every trip that followed after this weekend was just as amazing.’

It was also within her courses that Christina got to experience new things characteristic to New Zealand.

‘UC offers me a variety of courses to choose from and enhance my degree, and I wanted to broaden my horizon and take classes that I couldn’t take at home. The MAOR 165 Māori course was the most interesting class because it gave me the opportunity to learn about New Zealand’s history and culture. For me, this was one of the reasons of going abroad: learning about another culture. I recognised a lot of what I had learned on my travels through the country and appreciated that.

‘I also liked the opportunity to learn about rock climbing in a class with TEPE 110. Climbing has been my passion for over a year now but I have never taken a formal course about it. We learned different techniques, created a training programme and had two field trips to Castle Hill. All in all, a great class and a wonderful opportunity to implement my interests in my studies.’

With so many memories made, Christina urges other international students to study abroad in New Zealand and at UC.

‘This experience showed me that it is important to try new things, take a risk and just go for it even if you might not be 100% sure about it. This is a lesson I will definitely apply for my career as well.

‘Go for it and you will have the time of your life. New Zealand is a great country for adventures and you should take this opportunity to explore it. If you want to enhance your studies with interesting courses and spend time outdoors, UC is the right choice for you!’

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