Tanisha Haumu

"I wanted to make the world a better place through efficiency and innovation..."

  • Tanisha Haumu

(Ngāti Raukawa)

Certificate in Arts in Te Reo Māori

Bachelor of Commerce in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Management

Inventory Coordinator, Mainfreight Ltd Warehouse


Studying three business majors must have been quite a challenge! What was it like doing your degree?

My studies gave me a good general oversite into the business world and what is expected of management in today’s ever-changing society. The analytical techniques learnt have been invaluable.

What inspired those subject choices?

I have always had an appreciation of supply chain and business management, and the almost scientific nature of Operations and Supply Chain Management really drew me in.

And never forget that there will always be a people component!

And you also completed studies in te reo on top of that! Why did you decide to complete a certificate?

I was part of the Te Reo STAR courses at UC, it was an awesome foundation for my future studies. I highly recommend it to those wanting to study at a tertiary level as it really gives you a jump start on University requirements.

How was studying at UC in general?

My time at UC was a great example of the enduring Canterbury Culture, the Christchurch Earthquake hit on my first day and over the time of my studies I was able to be a part of an adaptive and evolving environment. It was close to home, had a great reputation, and offered a variety of learnings.

What other experiences did you have at uni before graduating?

I took part in the SDS Business Case Competition, competing in the Canterbury Rounds, against AUT, and in Queenstown against international teams.

I absolutely loved being challenged in a real-world environment – I learnt how to analyse, consolidate, and present solutions to real business challenges in compact time frames, skills I still use very regularly. I also loved creating relationships with international students with similar interests, and being able to keep those connections.

I recommend other students take the plunge, these experiences are invaluable when working in ‘the real world’.

Speaking of the real world, you’ve made quite a career for yourself working with Mainfreight! What’s involved in your current role?

I oversee the South Island’s largest warehousing account, manage the stock profiles for multiple third-party logistics clients – some with several million dollars in holding – and maintain Hire Pallet Accounts and Dangerous Goods Compliance.

Every day is a new challenge – dealing with a variety of clients that all have different product profiles and requirements, you never know what will be requested. Being able to develop and adapt inventory control programmes for each client to meet internal and external requirements for auditors gives complexity and depth to the work.

Eventually, I hope to become part of the Warehousing Business Development Team at Mainfreight.

How about outside of work?

I love to travel, craft, and garden, and I now have a wonderful little family to create memories with and am constantly planning our next adventure.

Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams

'The overall best part of the project was having experience in the workforce before graduating...'

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Riley Fairhall

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