Yuto Saizen

'The Python skills I learnt at UC helped me get my job...'

  • Yuto Saizen

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Data Science

Data Scientist, partly.com


Yuto first came to Christchurch in 2019 after making the decision to leave a successful and busy role in Tokyo. He was so attracted by the cultural diversity of New Zealand and its good working environment that he wanted to experience post-study.

After sharpening up his English at CCEL (UC’s English language provider) he began his Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Data Science.

‘The course covers a wide range of data science fields, I could choose what areas to learn, and the classes are well organised,’ he says.  ‘At the beginning of my course it was a challenge because I started this major almost from scratch, but the class covers both basic and applied levels that actually secured me a job even before I graduated!”

The professional lecturers and UC’s links with local companies was another big plus in Yuto’s UC experience.

Yuto offers some advice for other potential students to take advantage of UC’s internships.

‘I work with an internship student at the moment and want to get him hired as he works very well. This can be a very good opportunity that you can show your skills.’

In his role as Data Scientist for partly.com Yuto handles a large amount of car parts data, including collecting, cleaning, and mapping the data using Python and SQL.

‘The Python skills I learnt at UC helped me get my job at partly.com,’ he says.

Yuto is very comfortable in his new city, saying: ‘Christchurch is one of the best cities I’ve been to. I like the climate, flat roads, safety, and the mixture of traditional and modern architecture here.’  Yuto’s next step is to apply for residency and really establish himself in New Zealand.

His final advice is something we can all relate to.

‘You can master any new major and skill that you haven’t studied before, as long as you don’t give up.’

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