Dan Jiao

'The learning atmosphere here is awesome...'

  • Dan jiao

PhD in Linguistics

The area of linguistics and languages is one which Dan is passionate about, and the ideal way to develop her knowledge further and gain her PhD was to study overseas. Originally from Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, Dan chose to come to UC for this stage in her academic career.

‘The University of Canterbury has a good reputation around the world and it is very international-oriented,’ she explains. ‘The learning atmosphere here is awesome, and people are very nice and eager to help. What’s more, my supervisor is an expert in my study field, and I am honoured to work with her.’

Dan explains that she, too, aspires to become an authority in her discipline, with plans to eventually become a professor of Linguistics.

‘I love the subject so much that I am very happy to work on it every day. I have to read loads of books relating to my research, and have meetings, lectures, seminars and conferences to attend, which is all part of PhD life.

Dan says that, as Linguistics is the scientific study of language, it bridges the social sciences, the humanities and the natural sciences and therefore has a wide range of uses.

‘Studying Linguistics would be especially beneficial to anyone with an interest in languages, psychology, sociology, communication disorders, computer science and anthropology.’

As an international student, Dan is keen to make the most of her time in New Zealand and has immersed herself in life here.

‘I like doing sports, such as yoga, jogging, hiking and playing pool. And I also like movies – I will watch one or two movies in a week if I have enough time. I also like hanging out with friends and doing short trips with them. Having been in New Zealand for over two years, I am much better at cooking now.’

One of the things Dan likes about UC is that she has found it easy to make friends and learn about different cultures.

‘It’s good to just talk to people from different countries. It does take guts to try something new and fantastic like this, so don't be shy, and always be nice, friendly and easy-going. You will love studying here, and you will love the people in this country, because they are all very nice, friendly and patient.’

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