Andrew Wong

'Trying to understand the intellectual and ethical issues of the time is extremely rewarding...'

  • Andrew Wong

Bachelor of Arts in Classics

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Classics

PhD in Classics

Classics was Andrew’s first choice of study at UC, after being introduced to the fascinating subject through one of the most famous Greek texts.

‘I read Homer’s Odyssey at a very young age, and it had quite an effect on me. From there I developed a passion for the ancient world. My parents always told me to pursue whatever I was passionate about; I did two years of Classics at high school, and from there went on to UC.’

As such, Andrew was inspired to see his studies through to a PhD exploring the ancient texts and culture.

‘I love the research,’ he says. ‘Being able to read the ancient Greek texts, in their original language, and trying to understand the intellectual and ethical issues of the time is extremely rewarding.’

Andrew tributes his lecturers for making his time at UC such a success.

‘The Classics department made a huge impact on my enjoyment of the discipline. The academic staff are really supportive of their students, and even in my first year many of them knew me by name.

‘The teaching of ancient languages was a key part of getting to know the lecturers better, and made the study of Classics even more relevant and rewarding at Canterbury. It made the transition into graduate studies much easier, and I felt the academic staff (particularly my supervisors) were always willing to help and to discuss ideas.’

Alongside his Studylink Bonded Merit Scholarship that supported his undergrad studies, Andrew has received a UC Doctoral Scholarship to help fund his PhD. He also had the opportunity to study at Christ Church College within the University of Oxford for a year, as part of the Edward Gibbon Wakefield Scholarship.

‘I’ve been very grateful for this opportunity; my supervisors were instrumental in helping me to achieve this scholarship. Oxford has been great, but Canterbury really does have a lot to offer.’

While research on the ancient Classical world may be his main focus, Andrew has plenty of active hobbies outside of study.

‘I love cycling, both on the road and off road, motorbikes and snowboarding. I also enjoy photography as a hobby.’

Andrew recommends taking the opportunity to learn the ancient languages to get more out of Classics study.

‘For a degree in Classics, I’d recommend taking up Latin and/or Greek as early as possible. Even if you aren’t pursuing Classics past a bachelor’s, the languages help to give you an extra level of understanding of the ancient world, which you’ll find incredibly rewarding if you already have a passion for Classics.’

Natalie Looyer

Natalie Looyer

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Lauren Buckeridge

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