Anish Shah

'Biology at Canterbury is great, and Biotechnology is a very employable, fast-growing and lucrative scientific field…'

  • Anish shah

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

Master of Science in Biotechnology

PhD student, Lincoln University

Originally from Mombasa, Kenya, Anish was keen to attend university overseas and was attracted to UC because of its research activities in his chosen field.

‘I decided to come to Christchurch mainly because it was a different, faraway place that I didn’t know much about,’ he says. ‘It also appealed to my interests, and the research being carried out here enticed me to enrol at UC.’

Anish says he wanted to study Biotechnology to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and his love of science in particular.

‘But more importantly, I hope that I can make a positive difference in the world using my degree,’ he says.

‘I love working with plants and microbes and learning about the cool techniques used to study various aspects of plant physiology and molecular biology. Plant biotechnology uses cutting-edge technology in researching plants that are genetically engineered or modified especially for high yields, stress tolerance and disease management. We study the responses of plants to both biotic and abiotic environments. It is considered to be the future of world food production.

‘In the future I would like to be involved in a leading research group, working with high-yielding GM plants which will eventually help solve world hunger.’

Anish is enthusiastic about his experiences at UC.

‘I cherish the multi-national environment at UC and the myriad activities that happen on and around campus. My lecturers are very friendly and easy to talk to, and there is help available any time.’

Under the supervision of Professor Paula Jameson, Anish completed his master’s with research understanding the expression of genes central to Cytokinin, the plant hormone present in peas. Anish is currently undertaking research at Lincoln University through a PhD Scholarship, where he is investigating the influence of soil pH and nitrate on the diversity and community composition of rhizobia.

He advises other students to engage as much as possible with members of their department to make the most of their studies and the opportunities that a degree in the subject provides.

‘Biology at Canterbury is great, and Biotechnology is a very employable, fast-growing and lucrative scientific field… Open up. Talk to people. Don’t be intimidated by your lecturers – introduce yourself to them, they want to hear from you. The importance of personal relations cannot be stressed enough. You can make contacts at university that will definitely come in handy when you’re looking for jobs.’

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