Xu Haolun

'I believe politics is a tool that resolves a wide range of issues to safeguard the well-being of humanity…'

  • Haolun Xu

Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

Global Communications Officer, Peking University, Beijing, China

Originally from Heilongjiang, China, Xu choose to study at UC as it offered the unique programme in the Master of International Relations and Diplomacy. 

This degree offers students an innovative, interdisciplinary programme of taught courses with a strong professional emphasis. 

Furthermore, UC is ranked first in New Zealand for research in Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy by the Tertiary Education Commission (2018).  

‘To study this degree you must be an independent learner; learn to communicate and develop your attention to detail. Do not be shy in terms of raising questions or engaging in class discussions, as you may be surprised and inspired by the thoughts from fellow students and lecturers.’ 

Xu says the University’s support services were extremely beneficial during the course of his Master’s. 

‘UC did not only provide me what I need to achieve academic excellence, but also lots of opportunities for future career development including internships.  

‘I was an intern at the International Relationships Office of the University of Canterbury. My intern supervisor, Dr. Will Shannon, was very supportive of the work I was assigned to, and my work was valued by the Office. I will definitely recommend internships to other students.’

Having graduated UC, Xu returned to China where he was hired as the Global Communications Officer at Peking University in Beijing. 

‘In my tenure, I promote the Peking University brand on English-based media platforms. My main responsibility is to translate written content for the University’s six English-based social media platforms that convey a wide variety of topics spanning news, academic exchanges, research outcomes, and other events taking place at the University. 

‘My job also provides me with the opportunity to attend academic events including the World Congress of Philosophy 2018, the 2018 Peking University Inauguration Ceremony, and Peking University’s 120th Anniversary Celebration. I also assist Peking University Alumni Association with the hosting of the 9th International Alliance of Research Universities Alumni Directors Summit. 

‘My study experience at UC has definitely helped me with my job role by improving my English skills, research proficiencies, leading independent and team work, developing effective communication, as well as the management of large workload. 

‘Life in Beijing is also exciting, I get to visit heritage sites, try out new restaurants, and host friends from New Zealand and spend time with them in Beijing.’

Xu advises future UC students, ‘University is a place where you can nourish your brain with knowledge, and have plenty of time to find who you are and the goal of your life, so just enjoy your time at UC, whether it be studying, working part-time, or planning your future. Also make sure to seek assistance of UC faculty and staff, they are super friendly and can be very helpful.

‘My experience tells me that New Zealand is a place that recognises international students for their hard work. If you wish to achieve something, do it, and you will find people who support you!’

Josh toohey

Josh Toohey

'I feel like Political Science and Chinese have complemented each other very well...'