Sadique Anam

'I see myself leading major construction projects for world reputed companies...'

  • Sadique Anam

Master of Engineering Studies with an endorsement in Construction Management

‘Life here is a mix of academic challenges and extracurricular fun. In short, I am loving the balance,’ Sadique says.

Sadique is studying towards a Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management, with a strong focus on practical work. Coming to UC was a clear choice for the Indian national, gaining a greater qualification and advancing his career prospects here in New Zealand.

‘UC is one of the most reputed universities in the world. Especially in the Civil Engineering department – it is counted as one of the world’s best.’

Sadique wanted a challenging career – that’s why he chose to study Engineering. Despite the intensive nature of the work, he believes that the tools he is developing are essential for his professional development.

‘I wanted to work in a more dynamic and challenging environment that also gave me an opportunity to work all around the world. Moreover, in the construction industry, progress is quick for smart and hardworking people who can handle challenges and contingencies.’

Going forward, Sadique is heading towards leadership in the construction industry.

‘In the long run, I see myself leading major construction projects for world reputed companies in and around the world.

‘The best thing about the subject is the opportunities it opens up for me. Demand for good quality construction managers is at an all-time high. Moreover, the design of the coursework is fabulous, a perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. It also creates a platform to connect with industry leaders and promotes much-needed networking. Apart from that, being from UC adds leverage.’

The opportunities offered to Engineering students at UC are unique, due to the extensive development happening within the Canterbury region.

‘New Zealand seemed to be welcoming and accommodating to international students. Opportunities are in plenty and everyone is treated equally. Moreover, the Christchurch rebuild gives an opportunity to work in my field of interest.’

Throughout his time studying at UC Sadique has joined numerous clubs and societies. He is a member of UC MUSA, Campus Church, AISEC and many more.

‘The diversity and the range of activities one can do are what I enjoy most about UC.’

When he isn’t in the lecture hall, he enjoys spending time socialising and helping the underprivileged.

Sadique is looking forward to a bright future and an exciting career in the construction industry.

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