Claire Burgess

'I love the expert industry lecturers who are passionate and always willing to help...'

  • Claire Burgess

Master of Business Management*

 * Now offered as the Master of Business.


Claire’s Master of Business Management (MBM) programme has opened up more prospects and business career opportunities from her initial studies.

Following her degree in Valuation and Property Management at Lincoln University, Claire decided on continuing into postgraduate studies for more professional development.

‘I had always thought about doing a master’s degree. I wanted to gain specific business management skills that weren’t available with my undergraduate degree,’ she says.

When looking for her next university studies, Claire discovered UC’s MBM programme, designed for students that come from a variety of different study backgrounds.

‘I chose UC as I could complete a master’s qualification in the shortest period of time,’ she says. ‘The MBM has excellent lecturers who make learning enjoyable and interesting by using real life examples.’

She highly recommends the MBM to other students looking to add professional business skills onto their undergraduate studies.

‘It is a great experience – very culturally diverse, which helps understanding of business in other countries. I love the expert industry lecturers who are passionate and always willing to help.’

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Rhea Cowell

Rhea Cowell

'Through the MBM I learnt that I could do things that I didn’t think I was capable of beforehand...'

Abhinav Sachdeva

Abhinav Sachdeva

'This degree is much more than just attending lectures and completing assignments...'