Tuan Hoang Nguyen

'I love to explore new things and the field of Information Systems is changing rapidly...'

  • Tuan Hoang Nguyen

Master of Business Information Systems

Tuan chose New Zealand because of its ‘clean and beautiful environment, safety and security, high quality education system and friendly people’, and is glad he took the opportunity to further his studies at UC.

‘Moving to a new country with a different lifestyle seems slightly overwhelming at first. Nevertheless, with an extremely welcoming international student team, I feel safer and more comfortable than ever. New Zealand is one of the greenest and most beautiful countries in the world, and combined with the professional teaching style, it never fails to surprise me!’

Tuan’s Business Information Systems studies have been driven by a number of different motivations, and he has enjoyed the unique style of the taught master’s courses at UC, thriving in the mix of independent and hands on learning.

‘My major motivation for study is that computing is my passion. You cannot do anything without passion. Secondly, with the development of automation, Business Information Systems become necessary in all areas and activities, thus, the job opportunities are also very open for graduates. Lastly, I love to explore new things and the field of Information Systems is changing rapidly, making it the perfect place for me.

‘The teaching methods of professors in the Executive Development Programmes (EDP) are really interesting. They teach us not only theories, but also practical things. We don’t have to follow a boring framework, and instead of sitting and listening for hours, we can do many experiments or practical exercises with software in computer labs. Besides that, group discussion and brainstorming makes the class more interesting than ever.

‘The internships as part of our study are fully supported by the University and the fact that they are sponsored by IT firms in New Zealand, provides us with the best experience and give us wings to pre-determined career dreams.’

Outside of study, Tuan has become immersed in the social side and community at UC, a part of his experience that has helped the transition into a new environment.

‘I am very lucky to be a part of the Marketing and Events team for EDP. I also joined in on the UC Orientation day as a volunteer. Both of these experiences helped me feel connected to everyone and provided the chance for me to understand more about other cultures.

‘I have stayed at Sonoda Christchurch Campus, one of UC’s on campus accommodations during my study, I really enjoy it! The accommodation surprised me, it is modern with a Japanese landscape, and in the spring cherry blossom blooms everywhere. Sonoda is the first place I recommend to anyone coming to study at UC!’

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