Logan Williams

'The Centre for Entrepreneurship have been excellent aids in developing my company...'

  • Logan Williams

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Studying towards a Master of Science in Applied Psychology

Founder, Biome

Logan has certainly gained a lot from university study so far, with the creation of his own company Biome, which looks to manufacture biodegradable products such as plastic and fabrics from the invasive pest-algae Didymo.

The impact his company can have on both New Zealand’s waterways and the creation of better environmentally-friendly products has earned him a lot of awards – including First Place and People’s Choice wins through the Summer Startup Programme, and a UC Innovators’ Summer Startup Scholarship through the Centre of Entrepreneurship to develop his company.

He also had another first-place win and received a National Merit Award at the Eureka Science and Innovation Competition as one of his biggest highlights, and had the ‘amazing opportunity’ to meet leading New Zealand businessmen, politicians and scientists at a function at Government House.

‘My passion in life is to create concepts and ideas to solve major issues faced in the modern world,’ Logan says. ‘The Research and Innovation team and the Centre for Entrepreneurship have been excellent aids in developing my company, providing networks within the Christchurch economy and the wider country to develop my company off the ground.’

He had chosen UC initially based on his first impressions from the Open Day events.

‘I was inspired by the campus, the blossoms had recently bloomed and the atmosphere was something I really got excited about. The multiple events, clubs and opportunities available to students was also incredible. I also really like Bishop Julius Hall of Residence as its small atmosphere felt homely and was a factor to choosing UC.’

Starting with undergraduate studies in Psychology was motivated by his desire to learn how we think, and why we react in certain ways.

‘I had a passion to help and better yet understand people to a greater extent. This has definitely aided me in life,’ he says. ‘I look at University as far more than just a certificate; it is life experience that you can apply in the real world. UC Science provided immense opportunities for me to develop that passion.’

Now doing master’s study in Applied Psychology, Logan will further investigate the culture of business and organisational management, to help aid his company’s success.

‘My favourite part within my degree is the liberty to immerse myself in a range of studies ranging from Health Science and Education to Psychology and even Bioethics. Before coming to UC I used to see the world in black and white, but now I see the world in colour. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting people with similar aspirations to me and engaging in a range of lectures to broaden my knowledge of the world.’

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