Kathryn Gordon

'Being able to arrange my office days around the weather is ideal...'

  • Kathryn Gordon

Bachelor of Forestry Science

Assistant Forest Supervisor, Juken New Zealand Ltd, Wairarapa

With a passion for being active, Kathryn wanted to launch into a career that would get her into the great outdoors. UC’s Forestry degree was the perfect solution for uni study, being ‘a well-rounded degree that could take you just about anywhere’.

‘I was into a job that wouldn’t leave me behind a desk all day,’ she says. ‘Forestry was something that I thought would be interesting and it worked well with the academic interests I had in high school offering a good mix of sciences and management. It also offered fantastic employment rates and job opportunities.’

While at UC, she soon found that Forestry was a great choice for someone wanting practical, real-world learning.

‘The quality of the degree was great and the small class sizes mean you really get to know everyone well, including the lecturers. The mix of practical work and theory work is enjoyable and gives you a quality insight into the forest industry in New Zealand and overseas, and really prepares you for work. The frequent field trips were excellent and invaluable for learning experiences, as well as fun.

‘The degree covers such a broad range of subjects you feel well prepared for just about anything when you come out of it,’ she says.

UC was also her first choice due to the opportunity to be active in the community. ‘I enjoyed the good social environment and social scene, and lots of time spent around uni clubs. It also offered good sporting opportunities and good support facilities for students, and a good campus to be on.’

Kathryn quickly found work at Juken NZ Ltd after graduating, as a Forest Supervisor. Her role manages various areas including log quality, inventory, forest development and health and safety on the job.

‘Almost all of my days are spent out of the office either in the forest, visiting crews, or travelling, so being able to arrange my office days around the weather is ideal,’ she says. ‘Every day is different, and working in a small, close-knit forest team definitely offers some pretty great benefits.

‘It’s a diverse industry so there are always plenty of opportunities to get involved in new projects, training and personal development. But it’s really seeing what comes up and where the job can take you that I find exciting. I’m aiming for more hands on practical work right away and then moving towards a focus on operational health and safety and environmental management.’

Kathryn highly recommends her degree because of the diverse skills and career opportunities it can give you.

‘It’s a great degree to do with a huge variety of jobs available at the end of it. You’ll definitely have fun and it’s unlike any other degree that’s offered,’ she says. ‘You get to do so many field trips and it covers so much, and you get so much out of it.’

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