Maddie Brown

'Everyone seems to get along and there is always something going on...'

  • Maddison Brown

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours


What are your plans with Engineering studies?

I hope to gain a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Mechanical to then go into Biomedical Engineering. I have always been really interested in medicine but I knew that I didn’t want to study it at uni, so this was the perfect mix!

That’s cool that you’ve found a different way to meet that goal!

What’s really cool about Engineering is how broad it is. Two people in the same major can come out with completely different jobs.

So what drew you to UC?

I chose UC partly for the location being in the South Island, but also for the campus because I had heard really great things about the Engineering School and the University as a whole.

I love that at UC there is a really good campus culture and the facilities are incredible. I also think that the clubs are pretty cool especially because there is a club for almost anything and they are all student run.

And is that why you chose to stay in a hall of residence for your first year?

I chose the halls because I knew it would be a great way to meet new people and have support in my studies. Each hall has got a different culture so choose one that fits you best and get involved in as much as you can!

How has it been at Rochester and Rutherford Hall?

A highlight of the Hall so far would have to be the staff, tutors, and other students because they are all so encouraging and accepting. Everyone seems to get along and there is always something going on.

Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

'My master’s has opened up a wide world of opportunity for me...'

Zoran Bakovic

Zoran Bakovic

'The knowledge one could take by doing MET at UC is both very scientific and practical...'