Jovesa Ah Kuoi

'With technology moving so fast, advanced knowledge and skills are required, so getting a degree was what I needed to do...'

  • Jovesa ahkuoi

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Assistant Manager for Generation (Senior Engineer), Electric Power Corporation, Samoa

An international student from Samoa, Jovesa was keen to ‘help develop my country and the communities there in any way possible’, so he worked to come to New Zealand and start on that path.

‘I wanted to study Engineering so I’d be able to provide that kind of help. With technology moving so fast, advanced knowledge and skills are required, so getting a degree was what I needed to do. The University of Canterbury has a good rank in the world for this, and I think it has the best engineering college in New Zealand.’

Jovesa planned to become a professional engineer and gain industrial experience in his early career, so he can hold a leadership role in the future. His current position with the Electric Power Corporation in Samoa gives him experience in a managerial engineering role. ‘If everything goes well, running my own business is a long-term goal,’ he says.

Jovesa won a government-funded New Zealand Aid Programme scholarship to study at UC, and during his time here he has won several high achiever awards and other scholarships.

‘I think the main thing you need to do to succeed is to work hard and just do your best in whatever you can,’ he says. ‘Always ask questions and get help from your classmates and lecturers if you encounter any difficulties with your work. The lecturers here are very helpful, and I like the facilities – UC has good laboratories and equipment that we use for projects.’

Jovesa says he enjoyed studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. ‘It is always fun to play with electronics and learn about new stuff. You are given new problems to solve all the time so it is never boring.’

He adds: ‘At UC, there is a good mix of academic and fun events. It’s important to balance your study and your social life so that you can also enjoy yourself and have some fun while getting that degree.’

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