Gareth Wadsworth

'There’s always something to be doing, never a dull moment...'

  • Gareth Wadsworth

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Motorcycle Mechanic, Marlborough Motorcycles

‘University is an awesome time. There’s always something to be doing, never a dull moment,’ Gareth says of his UC experience so far.

With his first year spent living in Arcady Hall, he was able to get a great start getting to know other students and adapting to campus life early on. 

‘My favourite thing is definitely the community. I have met heaps of awesome people this year and made many awesome friendships,’ he says.

‘If you're debating about staying in a hall, do it. It’s 100% worth it for the experience. I loved the Arcady community so much I’m coming back next year.’

As a fan of ‘anything with wheels’ and following his work as a motorcycle mechanic, Gareth found UC’s location to be ideal for all of his outdoor hobbies.

‘UC is closest to home for me and has close proximity to a sick MTB park and skatepark,’ he says. ‘I do motorcycle and pushbike trials, mountainbiking, and dirt jumping. In between putting in hours of study, my time has been spent hanging out with friends and exploring the city, as well as riding bikes on an endless mess of random tracks spread through the Port Hills.’

His interests have also translated into his Mechanical Engineering degree studies, which he hopes to also eventually make a career out of.

‘I like working with my hands and designing and building mechanical components so hopefully I’ll end up designing pushbike parts or something like that.’

Gareth advises other Engineering students to put in the effort and enjoy the experience to get the most out of their time at university.

‘Be prepared to work hard as it’s not easy, but it’s awesome fun and will be a few years to remember,’ he says.

Marc Katzef

Marc Katzef

'The experience I have had has prepared me to get up to speed quickly...'

Thomas Maslin

Thomas Maslin

'UC has helped me create a course of study that is completely individual to me...'