Anisha Satya

'I love the accessibility of everything...'

  • Anisha Satya

Studying towards a Bachelor of Laws, and a Bachelor of Communication in Journalism


Why the combo of Law and Communication degrees?

I’d like to pursue a career in journalism, and eventually use my skills to help fight misinformation in the media. Learning about how media practices have influenced society overtime, and how it can be used to unite people all over the world, has been pretty awesome and has only furthered my passion for communication.

I’d looked up to the newscasters on TV as a kid, and as I grew up I discovered a real passion for writing. I do a bit of freelance journalism, and write if any opportunities arise. I also have recently started to dabble in video editing and content creation.

Being able to take both Law and Communication here was the main reason I came to UC.

How have you found UC in general?

I love the accessibility of everything. There are cafés, tech shops, a pharmacy, and a physio all on campus. The Uni has you pretty well covered.

Is that also why you chose to live in Tupuānuku hall of residence?

I figured it would be a good environment to start my university journey off in – it’d help me make friends, it was near the Uni, and not far from town!

What’s been a highlight from your hall so far?

Making a friend group! Settling into a new place, an island away from home, was a little bit daunting. I’d been really worried that I wouldn’t find a place to fit in, but a few conversations in the catered lunch line led to the formation of a good bunch of mates.

With help from my RA, the University, and my mates, I’ve been able to find my way around Christchurch and will continue to explore the region.

So what do you recommend for others considering hall life?

Get excited! You’ll find your place and people without a worry. You don’t have to be a party animal, or an intense academic – everyone has managed to find their place, so you will too!

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