Spencer Smith

'Studying at UC has ingrained a degree of hard work, regulation and consistency...'

  • Spencer Smith

Bachelor of Commerce in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Management

Personal Insurance Consultant, AMI Insurance

Soon after finishing his studies at UC, Spencer landed a role with AMI, which sees him creating insurance policies for home, contents and vehicles, as well as arranging travel insurance. Getting an early start in his ideal career is testament to his studies in Management and Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

‘I find the insurance industry very interesting in general,’ Spencer says. ‘Assessing risk in particular is something which intrigues me.

‘I learnt about breaking the entire scope of a subject down to its separate parts and looking at it both on a macro and micro level. I've found a lot of value in learning under a system where I'd create this mental map of the entire subject and then looking at the specifics of each part.’

Spencer had chosen his degree with the goal to improve his employability, and found UC’s reputation in its Commerce department lived up to his expectations.

‘It was the obvious choice,’ he says. ‘Studying at UC has certainly ingrained a degree of hard work, regulation and consistency in my life which I sorely lacked in high school. I enjoyed the campus, my classes, lecturers and meeting new friends.’

Spencer spent much of his spare time on campus, having lived in both Rochester and Rutherford Hall and Ilam Apartments while studying, and joined several clubs including ENSOC (Engineering Society), FORSOC (Forestry Society), EFSoC (Economics and Finance Society), BYCSOC (Backyard Cricket Society) and the Exec team for MUSOC (Musical Theatre Society) for a year.

Looking ahead to his role with AMI, Spencer hopes to continue up the corporate ladder and take on a managerial role in his work.

‘I want to work towards a position which allows both a greater use of my skills and experience built so far in the company, and allows me to utilise what I’ve learned in my four years at UC.’

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