Grégoire Pradon

'I am doing plenty of group hands-on projects, allowing me to have a real idea of what I am studying...'

  • Grégoire Pradon

Bachelor of Commerce in Strategy and Entrepreneurship 


Why did you choose UC? 

I came to UC as part of a Double Degree programme. UC is in a partnership with my school in Paris (Paris School of Business). I choose to study at UC because the degree in Strategy and Entrepreneurship was the most interesting for me. I wanted to study Entrepreneurship to have the “entrepreneur” attitude and be able to adapt myself to the corporate environment in the future. Studying Strategy has helped me get a better idea how companies implement their tactics, for example during a product release, and even understand how the companies overcome difficulties. 

What do you enjoy about studying at UC?

The thing I like the most is that I am mixed with New Zealand students. Here, I feel completely integrated at the University, I study the same thing as everyone, and I have gained a lot of support from both staff and friends. I am not only studying through theory; I also am doing plenty of group hands-on projects, allowing me to have a real idea of what I am studying.

Is UC a supportive place to study?

I visit Students Services often and they always have been very kind and helpful. Moreover, the officer who took care of the relations between my school in Paris and UC, Rhiannon McKenzie, has always been here when I needed anything. Here in this University, the relationship between the staff and the students is very pleasant.

Why did you choose New Zealand?

I was looking for challenge. I was looking for an English-speaking country, because learning English is essential today. Moreover, New Zealand is a country I didn’t know anything about. I thought it would’ve been better to discover something new. Here, I’m at the opposite side of the world, far from everything I know. I have to do everything by myself as I only can count on me. It’s the biggest experience I’ve ever had, and I feel very proud of doing it. Besides, since I love rugby, New Zealand was the best country to come to!

What is your Kiwi lifestyle like? 

I flatted at Ilam Apartments and it allowed me to meet a lot of people from all over the world, plus it was really comfortable. When I’m not studying, I hang out with my friends; we go out in the city, and we travel around the country. During the Easter break my friends and I went on a road trip to the North Island. I visited the Waitomo Caves, Coromandel’s Cathedral Cove, and New Zealand’s other major cities Wellington and Auckland. On campus, I was also a volunteer with one of the biggest clubs known as the Student Volunteer Army. I participated in “The Big Give”, where I helped the Christchurch community. This was a very rewarding experience. 

What are your plans when you return to France?

For the next two years I will pursue a Master in Digital Business at the Paris School of Business. My ambition is to become a Digital Project Manager.  

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