Anna Howley

'I learned what it is really like to work as a marketer in a company...'

  • Anna howley

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

Account Executive, Harvey Cameron Advertising Ltd

Studying marketing was a clear choice for Anna, as she wanted a challenging degree that would motivate her towards a career involving intellectual and creative skills.

‘I want a job that is different every day and challenges me. Studying Marketing, you are encouraged to think outside the box and work collaboratively. I can clearly see a career path with this degree. The skills I’ve learned are useful in many arenas,’ she says.

Choosing UC was also easy, with it being both close to home and sporting a great reputation. Anna was especially impressed by the academic staff at the Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Department, who helped inspire her choice of study with their ‘real world experience’ and ‘wealth of knowledge and passion for their work.’ As an added incentive, Anna was also awarded an Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship for her first year, as recognition of her potential for leadership and involvement in the community.

Anna has certainly lived up to that expectation so far, taking part in an internship at Airways New Zealand, where she organised the company’s booth at the World ATM Congress in Madrid, Spain, a global exhibition on air traffic control. The project involved assessing Airways’ objectives for the event, and reviewing its previous participation, and then using this information to plan the booth. With support from a mentor, Anna coordinated its layout and design, worked with the company’s engineers to organise an air traffic control simulator that would be the main product for sale, and made sure everything arrived safely in Madrid. She brainstormed with management to establish the appropriate messaging for the booth and worked with a design agency to implement this.

Although these tasks sound quite daunting, Anna is thoroughly pleased to have gone through with the internship, recommending it to other students as a ‘life-changing experience’.

‘It was a huge job, and oftentimes it was overwhelming... The pressure was on to ensure that it went smoothly and we generated sales. I learned how important it is to project confidence and professionalism. The way you interact with others in the workplace can determine success. I had a huge learning curve in regards to assertiveness.

‘I also learned what it is really like to work as a marketer in a company, and the mistakes I made mean that I won’t make those mistakes when a real job is on the line. My motto is to always seize opportunities provided for me, so I couldn’t let that one pass by – no regrets!’

There are many areas that her degree can take her, but Anna has a clear goal in mind: to do something that ‘motivates me to wake up every morning and jump out of bed’.

Anna has certainly been taking any opportunity she finds. Anna’s first major role was a PA for fashion designer Angela Stone, a surprising connection she made through contacts during her internship. She also worked as a Marketing and Administration Assistant for the International Institute for Medical Clowning, a rewarding organization that aims to help children in hospitals stay positive and to relieve stress for families during their difficult time.

Now, Anna works as an Account Executive for Harvey Cameron Advertising, an advertising agency that provides complete business solutions for clients.

‘From advertising to adwords, design to apps, brochures to books, commercials to creative content, this place is such a wonderful environment where professional development is cultivated,’ she says. ‘It’s a place where creativity, dedication and fun are encouraged. I love the fact that a staff of over 50 and a wide range of clients make every day challenging and varied. I feel valued and supported. This job promises a long and exciting career where I can utilise the knowledge I gained through my studies with such wonderful lectures at UC.’

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