Tori McNoe

'By coming here there is nothing to lose and everything to gain...'

  • Tori McNoe

(Te Arawa)

Studying towards a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Tori’s motivation to contribute to society saw her begin studies in both Criminal Justice and Psychology, to understand more about why people commit crimes.

‘There’s an increasing level of youth crime in New Zealand and I wanted to make a difference,’ she says. ‘I want to work in criminal psychology and study crime or theories around crime.’

Studying the two subject areas has been especially inspiring, and Tori is looking forward to starting a career using the skills she will gain towards preventing youth crime.

‘I enjoy that there is a demand and relevance to a society I live in – it is not only motivating but also extremely interesting.’

Tori ended up gaining an Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship for her NCEA results, which was a big incentive for choosing UC, alongside being able to study the unique Criminal Justice degree.

‘I love the way students are cared for. There are multiple facilities, programmes and support networks around to cover us all.’

When it came to choosing accommodation, she decided to stay in College House on campus to get the full student experience.

‘I wanted security, and to experience opportunities that halls offer - and of course because I didn’t have to cook! I especially enjoy the social aspect as it links to so many other things such as events, clubs, lifelong friends and even education benefits.

‘By coming here there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.’

As such, Tori highly encourages others to consider attending UC for the support on offer, and especially for Criminal Justice study.

‘Embrace it,’ she says. ‘It is such a new developing area of work which allows so much diversity.’

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