Thaddaeus Hadaway

'I study because my education in the Arts has actual human value...'

  • Thaddaeus Hadaway

Bachelor of Arts in English and History

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English

Master of Arts in English

English Language Tutor

After finding he had a passion and talent for writing from a gap year working at a call centre, Thaddaeus decided to broaden his career ambitions and pursue English tertiary studies.

He has since found a strong appreciation for the written word, and particularly enjoys contemporary American literature and the freedom for curiosity in his master’s research.

‘Few disciplines still require or value books in their printed form. It’s my favourite part of my research,’ he says. ‘The UC library staff are friendly and source books and articles from all over the world. It is not always my intended research that I find interesting, however, but more the freedom with which I am able to research and the array of sources available to me.

‘The best part is searching through an old book to find specific information and ending up finding something else that is even more interesting, despite being wholly irrelevant to my work.’

Thaddaeus had originally only planned to study at university for only a short period of time, but found the community at UC motivational enough to continue into his postgraduate years.

‘My enjoyment has come from the English and History departments, both of which are blessed with some of the most talented, thoughtful, and caring educators who permit curiosity and individual thinking. The English lecturers and tutors are personable and ensure that the subject is fulfilling beyond just achieving a grade on a transcript.

‘I have considered doing other parts of my degree elsewhere, but my affection for UC’s English department has always been the primary reason I have not left. I study because my education in the Arts has actual human value, more than just material payoff.’

Using the Academic Skills Centre and being a Mentor from his first year has also been a helpful way to settle into university studies for the long term. His hard work paid off with his first scholarship award to support his master’s studies.

He was also awarded a Macmillan Brown Prize for Writers for a short story piece, "Will You Please", recognising his creative writing excellence and dark comedy style.

As such, he advises other students to not be afraid of challenging their knowledge and teachings.

‘Talk in tutorials, ask questions, and disagree with people. Remind yourself that it is okay to be wrong, although don’t let this harvest into crippling self-doubt or else nothing will get done. But the most important advice is to make sure you enjoy what you study, and never hesitate from pursuing a topic or question just because it isn’t in the course outline.’

When not supporting first-year students through his mentoring work and tutoring, Thaddaeus also enjoys theatre acting and is ‘one of very few arts students who prioritise live rugby games over essay deadlines’ as an avid rugby fan.

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Rata Holtslag

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