Madi Keay

'I chose UC specifically for the ability to study abroad...'

  • Madi Keay

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics

Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations

Grants Advisor, Rātā Foundation


Economics and Political Science is an interesting combination! What made you want to do a double degree?

I had always been interested in the way resources were allocated and how this shaped society. Economics is applicable to almost every area of employment.

I’m also interested in youth governance – I currently have board positions with UN Youth New Zealand, Art for Life Trust, Horizons, and Learn Active charity.

What has been your favourite aspect of studying with UC?

The opportunities to be involved with clubs, internships, international trips that help you stand out in job applications.

I chose UC specifically for the ability to study abroad – I studied in three countries: Uganda, Chile, and China.

I would recommend every trip and internship I did at UC – ECON 390 internship, ECON 228 to Chile, MGMT 228 to China, and Summer School courses which I loved. They were exceptionally enjoyable and set me up for the work I do.

And do your lead you to working as a Grants Advisor! What does that involve?

I am part of a team working to distribute $20mil each year to community groups in Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough, and the Chatham Islands.

How did all of your study and travel experiences prepare you for that?

My study gave me research skills and critical thinking, knowledge of the sector from interning, and a strong grasp of financial reporting.

The work utilises the resource allocation aspect of economics, and I can see the positive impact and community benefit. It changes day to day.

Any advice for business students at UC?

You will develop broad, applicable skills, so pair your major with other interest areas.

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