Tim Schroder

'I was keen on having lots of likeminded people around to get comfortable in my first year of Uni...'

  • Tim Schroder

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Hoping to be a race engineer for Formula 1, or work for a leading car manufacturer like Audi or Mercedes, Tim looks forward to seeing where his Mechanical Engineering degree will take him.

‘I have always loved learning how things work, especially on cars, motorbikes, and planes. I am a petrol head and enjoy working on vehicles, thus doing it as a well-paying job would be amazing,’ he says.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys working on and driving cars and motorcycles, which he says is important for practice learning automotive engineering for his degree.

The hands-on approach in his degree studies he’s found especially useful, and in his first year Tim was awarded an Engineering High Achievers Scholarship.

‘I am always understanding more about why things are as they are and how to improve them,’ he says.

Originally from Whangarei, Tim decided on travelling to Christchurch for studies at UC, as he considered it the ‘best for engineering’ and ideal city setting for him.

‘The campus is always evolving, and there is a great city landscape to explore in your days off.’

As such, Tim also elected to stay at Kirkwood Avenue Hall for his first year. Tim recalls some great community events to get involved in, including bowling nights organised by the hall Residential Assistants. 

‘I was keen on having lots of likeminded people around to get comfortable in my first year of Uni,’ he says, ‘It’s self-catered, thus choice to eat what and when I want, and is close to the Rec Centre and Uni.’

Tim also enjoys mountainbiking and doing calisthenics exercise, and so Kirkwood Avenue’s location and self-catering options were especially important.

He advises other students looking at staying in a self-catered hall to learn to cook to make sure they ‘aren’t always eating the same boring food and spending heaps on takeaways’!

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