Myah Jex-Blake

'This internship has given me the confidence to work in real-world business settings...'

  • Myah Jex-Blake

Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management with a minor in Media and Communication

A ‘thorough enjoyment of managing and working with people’ motivated Myah’s degree choice in Human Resource Management (HRM), learning about the science of attracting and developing people.

For real world experience in HR, Myah completed a MGMT 390 Intern Consulting Project with Tait Communications, a global radio communications company providing communication technology solutions. This gave Myah the chance to work on people and performance in a high-tech communications sector, tying in with both her HRM and Media and Communications studies.

Myah created a leadership development training series on “courageous conversations”. The aim of these sessions was to increase managers’ ability to engage in difficult conversations with their team members. Myah helped design and set up three 90-minute training sessions which were rolled out to managers at New Zealand and overseas offices.

‘Seeing each of the training sessions in action was extremely satisfying. The semester flew by and I was sad that my Tait Communications chapter was over,’ she says.

‘The best part of the internship was being a member of the Tait HR team. I developed strong relationships with the HR Advisor, HR Business Partner, and Global HR Manager for Tait Communications which has been extremely beneficial to my personal development.’

Being able to work alongside such a supportive team was a highlight from her degree.

‘I gained valuable work experience and learnt what it was like being an integral member of an HR team. This internship has given me the confidence to work in real-world business settings, and helped solidify my decision to pursue a career in HR. It has been the most rewarding paper I have ever done,’ she says. 

She highly recommends other students take on the internship course to make an impact while still studying at university.

‘Take this amazing opportunity as it will not only look good on your CV, but will also impact positively on your personal growth.’

Carli Butturini

Carli Butturini

'It has been very rewarding and one of the most valuable experiences I have had studying here...'

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Emily Oakley

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