Kaley Boyd

'I love the close-knit community made up of amazing support...'

  • Kaley Boyd

(Ngāi Tahu)

Bachelor of Science in Geography and Geology

After experiencing the Christchurch earthquakes, Kaley was determined to find out more about how they occur and ways to lessen their impact.

‘I want to understand the earthquake and volcanic patterns better to help the next generation, so they don’t have to go through what we have. I want to help prevent further loss of life or materials,’ she says.

UC offered her ‘the never ending support, upbeat buzz of the students and the well-rounded Geology department’ that also motivated her to study here.

‘I enjoy the friendliness of students and staff alike, and the sheer energy the professors possess when lecturing. I love the increase in knowledge that either builds up on high school knowledge or starts fresh.’

As a dancer, Kaley has also enjoyed being a part of the Varsity Dance student club supported by Defy Dance Academy, and is a member of the Defy Elite and aerobics teams.

Choosing the new Kirkwood Avenue Hall accommodation meant being close to the RecCentre, and she was also keen on the self-catering option. Kaley particularly enjoys the modern facilities and residential culture there.

‘I love the close-knit community made up of amazing support, from the staff, R.A.’s and residents. The activities are endless fun and we frequently organise our own too. I’ve made incredible friends in the first weeks we’ve been here,’ she says.

‘Take the opportunity as it’s one that lives up to and exceeds all expectations. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d want to live since I’ve moved in.’

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