School of Educational Studies and Leadership



Project Number: 2019-50

Project Leader: Billy Osteen

Host Department: School of Educational Studies and Leadership

Project Title: Capturing the Moments: Creating a Text and Multi-media Resource

Project outline: In 2017, I had the opportunity to spend the first two months of that year on a sabbatical in the United States. During that time, I met with community activists, educators, and a politician all with the intention of learning more about community engagement in different contexts. It was a particularly interesting time to be in the US as President Trump was inaugurated in the middle of my stay and that event was reflected in what I found out from people. I captured moments from the visit through Facebook posts, a newspaper article, photos, presentations, and reflective writing. This project is an opportunity to collaborate with me in transforming this material into two products: 1) a text-based article or book and 2) a multi-media resource to create a virtual field trip of the places I visited so that others can engage with them. The student will have a lot of creative freedom in working with the material, making editorial decisions, and putting her or his stamp on the outputs.

Specific Requirements: It will be great for the student to be interested in (not an expert necessarily) creating multi-media resources in the form of audio podcasts, videos, and storyboarding documentaries.



Project Number: 2019-127

Project Leader: Dr. Veronica O'Toole

Host Department: School of Educational Studies and Leadershipi (EDSL)

Project Title: Undersatnding Emotions in Education Leadership and Health Research Project

Project outline: This is a quasi-experimental, mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) study on the impact of learning about and understanding emotions in a postgraduate course, on 18 participants' emotional intelligence, emotion regulation, mindfulness and burnout. This project is already underway, with ethical approval having been obtained prior to commencement. Pre and post course data have already been collected, and early thematic analysis has commenced. Early statistical analyses have also begun. The summer scholarship project will involve exploring the data in more depth, and undertaking parallel analyses (Teddlie & Tashakkori, 2009) of these quantitative and qualitative data. A further set of post-data is due by the end of November, 2019 and these will be included in the analyses, and comparisons will be conducted with the pre and post-data already obtained. A literature review will be conducted as well as assisting with writing for publication. Meetings with the Project Leader will be held regularly, where directions and decisions as to this ongoing research work will be discussed in a collaborative approach. In addition, subject to further ethical approval a further set of pre-data may be collected from new participants at the end of November 2019. If a second stage proceeds, this project will incorporate the new data.

 Specific Requirements: Education, Health Sciences or Psychology with Stats experience, such as PSYC334 or STATS 201, 202, 213