Geological Sciences


Project Number: 2019-133

Project Leader: Tim Stahl and Jarg Pettinga

Host Department: Geological Sciences / Earth and Environment

Project Title: Paleoseismology of the Torlesse Fault

Project outline: The Torlesse Fault is one Christchurch's closest known seismic sources and presents a major hazard. More geologic information is required to characterize how often the fault ruptures and how 'big' those earthquake will be. This summer project is part of an initiative to study the paleoseismicity of the Torlesse fault at two locations near Porters Pass. The successful applicant will log paleoseismic trenches, conduct detailed site mapping, and analyze sediment samples from trench units. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in structural geology, geomorphology, and/or sedimentology. The result will be a better understanding of the fault and Quaternary geology of the area.

 Specific Requirements: GEOL244; GEOL246; GEOL354