Frequently Asked Questions about the UG Summer Research Scholarship Programme.


I am not enrolled at the University of Canterbury and would like to apply for a summer scholarship project, is this okay?

  • No, this programme is open to UC students only.


I am currently enrolled in a PG Diploma, PG Certificate or Masters, can I apply for this scholarship?

  • No, this programme is for UG or Honours students who are completing their degree at the end of the current year.


I have passed most of my courses, but have failed a few courses for a Major I no longer wish to pursue, do you count those grades in the GPA?

  • Yes, we count all grades in your last year of study (official released grades).


I have really good grades, and I am studying towards a double or triple major qualification.  I will finish one degree this year, but am completing some papers in S1 next year, can I still apply?

  • Yes, as long as you finish ‘a’ degree this year (or have enough points to complete a degree this year) then this is fine.  If you are planning on studying towards PG study in S2 next year, make sure you mention this in your application.


I have one more paper to complete next year, am I still eligible to apply?

  • No, you must be completing your UG or Honours degree this year.


I heard 2nd Pro BSLP(Hons) and BE(Hons) students could apply for this scholarship, is that right?

  • Yes this is correct.  As these two programmes are 4 year degrees and they require other non-academic requirements for the degree, we allow 2nd Pro students to embark on a scholarship to ensure they are not disadvantaged. 


I successfully completed a Summer Scholarship project last year and I am very keen to apply again this year, is that okay?

  • No, you can only receive one summer scholarship during your time at UC.


I have a part time job in the weekend, is only a few hours.  I note the website says I can’t apply if I work part-time, is that true?

  • A few hours in the weekend should be fine, you should speak to the project leader to make sure this can be accommodated.  it is recommended that you note this in your application so the supervisor is aware.  Students who are working during the week may have issues with being able to meet the requirements of the project, therefore as a rule, we would prefer you focus on your research project.


The project leader of a particular project asked me to apply, but I don’t meet the criteria, does that mean I will be approved?

  • In most cases, you will be declined if you do not meet the criteria.


When do I get paid?

  • You will receive two payments of $2,500 ($5,000 total).  The first in the 2nd week of December, and the second, in the 2nd week of January.  Both of these payments will only be made if you are meeting the criteria of the scholarship which includes progress.  We check in with project leaders to make sure you are meeting those requirements.


Can I get an early payment?

  • no, when students agree to taking on a project will need to ensure they can suppor themselves up until the payments are made.


Do I have to attend the feedback conference in February?

  • yes.


Do I have to write a report about my research?

  • yes, we have a form that will need to be filled in and your project leader may also have other writing requirements.