UC Aho Hīnātore | UC Accelerator Scholarship

The UC Aho Hīnātore | Accelerator Scholarship is designed to assist the transition of UC’s best and brightest current, and recently completed, students to doctoral studies at UC.

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Whakamāramatanga | Key Information

The UC Aho Hīnātore | UC Accelerator Scholarship consists of a 12-week research project for which the recipients receive a stipend of $6,000 followed by a 3 year doctoral scholarship covering fees and paying a stipend of $28,000 per annum. Forty scholarships are available in 2022 and are awarded by Te Kaunihera | Council of the University. The 12-week research project must include a minimum of $1,500 co-funding from an external partner or Department/School funds.

Applications for the UC Aho Hīnātore | UC Accelerator Scholarship are now closed. We hope to inform you of your result by the end of October.

He Pātai Auau | Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible, potential students must:

  • Qualify for admission to the PhD at UC. In cases where a potential student demonstrates particular promise but does not yet meet the research experience requirement of the PhD (and by prior negotiation with the Dean of Postgraduate Research), accelerated admission to the PhD may be approved;
  • Have completed their most recent study at UC, prior to April 2022;
  • Exhibit a minimum GPA of 7 in the last two years of study; 
  • Not be enrolled in a course during the project period, unless prior approval has been obtained from the Dean of Postgraduate Research.

During the project, individuals must:

  • Hold a valid visa, if an international student. Contact Immigration NZ https://www.immigration.govt.nz/ for more information;
  • Dedicate at least 25 hours per week to the project across a 12-week period;
  • Attain a minimum of three learning outcomes from the 12-week project.
    • The learning outcomes must be detailed on the Aho Hīnātore Evaluation Form.
    • The student must report on the attainment of the learning outcomes at the completion of the project.
    • Attainment of these outcomes will represent successful completion of the project.
  • Understand that if they successfully complete this project, they will be offered a UC Aho Hīnātore | Accelerator PhD Scholarship valued at $28K per annum plus tuition for a maximum of 360 points of PhD study.

During your project you will not be enrolled in any particular programme - if you are not enrolled in any other course or if you do not hold a valid Canterbury Card you will need to liaise with your departments administrator to register yourself as a 'visitor'. Once you hold a visitor status, you will gain access to everything required for you to carry out and complete your 12 week project.

After hour building access will need to be organised through Security.

Towards the end of your project, you and your supervisor will sign off on the success of the project and this will be used as part of your application documents for the PhD programme. Individuals must submit the Aho Hīnātore Evaluation Form within one week of completion of the 12-week project to be eligible for the Accelerator PhD Scholarship.

After your admission has been processed and you have accepted your formal offer, the Scholarships Office will then proceed to arrange your Accelerator PhD Scholarship.

Successful recipients must commence their PhD studies by the 1st July 2022.

Yes, you do.

Recipients of the Aho Hīnātore | UC Accelerator Scholarship are required to apply for PhD admission upon acceptance of a project scholarship. We suggest you apply as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition into your PhD studies. 

To apply for doctoral admission you will require the following:

  • Supervisor: Evidence of contact with your supervisor, such as email communication, which confirms their availability and support of your application. Your application will not be considered unless you have had discussions with a potential supervisor and they have confirmed that they have the resources available to supervise your research at UC. You can find a supervisor at our online research portal. Please visit https://researchprofile.canterbury.ac.nz/ to begin your search.
  • Academic Documents: Degree Certificate/Diploma, full academic transcript (please provide both individual semester-wise transcripts, as well as consolidated results, where available), and grading scale, for all tertiary-level qualifications.
  • Curriculum Vitae: This should include academic history, work history and any relevant research experience.
  • Thesis: If your thesis was submitted in English, please include the full thesis. If your thesis was submitted in a language other than English, please include the thesis abstract.
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable).
  • Identity Document: A copy of the personal details pages from your passport. If you do not yet hold a passport, then a copy of your birth certificate or national identity card may be provided instead.

If the documents are not issued in English, please supply an official English translation, as well as the original language documents.

To start your application for enrolment please click here.

Scholarship regulations should be the first point of call when trying to find out more information about a particular scholarship. 

For potential supervisors who are unable to access the online application form, please refer to the PDF version below. 

He kōrero anō | Additional Information

Please click here to find a recording of the UC Aho Hīnātore Accelerator Scholarship Information Session 2021.