International Students

UC offers a range of scholarships for international students intending to enrol in undergraduate or postgraduate study. Whether you are already in New Zealand or off-shore, there are several scholarships available. 

international students chatting outside

The University of Canterbury has scholarships available for international students who are:

  • currently studying at secondary level in New Zealand
  • curently studying at UCIC but intend to enrol at UC the following year
  • planning on studying any undergraduate degree at UC but are still overseas
  • planning on studying any postgraduate degree at UC but are still overseas

Search for scholarships

To find scholarships you may be eligible for, please search our scholarship database by selecting the relevant option that applies you. You can search our database here.

Please note - you need to have created a myUC account prior to access the database.

Applying for a scholarship

Each scholarship has different eligibility criteria (e.g. subject/course, level, citizenship, age, gender, school, region, etc.) and may require different supporting documentation. 

To apply, first review the criteria and then fill out the appropriate form online.

Please read the regulations for each scholarship before you apply. 

Search and Apply for Scholarships