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When tsunami strikes, it is imperative that people are able to swiftly evacuate the affected area. The commonly communicated advice is to head inland or to higher ground, but there are areas in New Zealand where distances to safe locations may be too long for some to evacuate safely on foot and the capacity of the road network is limited. In these cases, it is imperative to evaluate evacuation conditions for multimodal evacuation, i.e., evacuation involving different means of transportation (e.g. by foot and/or vehicle). This evaluation requires multimodal evacuation models for tsunami evacuation. Most existing evacuation models typically focus on one mode for evacuation, i.e., either on foot or using a vehicle. The PhD research aims to explore the use of multimodal models for tsunami evacuation, which may involve building on existing models or the development of a new model. Once a multimodal approach has been selected, the approach will be used in a case study. The case study will involve simulations of tsunami evacuation for a tsunami prone area in New Zealand (location to be determined). Finally, the research will involve visualisation of simulation results, which may involve the use of Virtual Reality.

The PhD research will require programming skills (e.g. Python, Matlab, Java, C++). Past experience of evacuation modelling, choice modelling, human behaviour modelling, traffic modelling and/or Virtual Reality visualisation is a merit.

The scholarship is part of the Smart Ideas grant: "Agent models of tsunami evacuation behaviour to improve planning and preparedness.”

Value: NZD 32,000 per annum plus tuition fees, for three years.

Closing date for applications: As soon as a candidate is found.

To apply, or to make enquiries, contact:
   Daniel Nilsson
   Professor (Docent, PhD, FSE, ETP)
   Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering University of Canterbury, New Zealand
   Phone: +64(0)33690329


UC Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Scholarship

UC has one of the best engineering schools in the World. New Zealand offers its visitors a plethora of opportunities for life-work balance including hard-to-match outdoor activities (ranging from surfing to skiing) and breath-taking landscapes. Christchurch –Otautahi– is a diverse, welcoming and affordable city. 

The Department of Civil and Natural Resources of the University of Canterbury UC, Christchurch, New Zealand, is soliciting applications for PhD scholarships. Applicants are required to identify general area(s) of interest for their study from the list provided on our website Applications may also indicate interest in working with a specific PhD supervisors (advisors), but this is optional. The Scholarships available are for $28,000 per year for up to 3 years, plus tuition fees. Payments start after official enrolment as a postgraduate student at the University of Canterbury. 

All applications shall include:

  1. A CV of up to three pages.
  2. A one-page essay on research interests, research experience, and motivations
  3. Transcripts from Bachelor and MS degrees (where applicable)
  4. Evidence of proficiency in the English Language
  5. A list of academic references, including contact information (phone number and email address)

If the candidate is selected for a scholarship, they will be required to go through a separate admission process managed by UC’s central Admissions Office:

The scholarship will be conditional on meeting all criteria for admission and enrolment on a full-time basis, including English Language proficiency and visa requirements. Commencement of studies for international students shall be constrained by regulations imposed by Immigration New Zealand. Visit their website to learn about current immigration requirements.

Value: NZD 28,000 per annum plus tuition fees, for three years.

Closing date for applications: 15 July

To make enquiries, contact:
   Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering University of Canterbury, New Zealand
   Phone: +6433693398

To apply click here.


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