International Postgraduate fees

Relevant qualifications

You need to pay postgraduate tuition fees if you plan on studying towards any of the following qualifications at UC. 

Programme Fees

The table below indicates the total cost for each programme with associated points. Typically, a full time student will study around 120 points each year. Please be aware that there are additional non-tuition fees that will apply as well as other costs, such as:

  • Insurance (can be bought through UC or through an approved provider prior to arriving in NZ)
  • Student Visa (if you are a new student, this will need to be organised prior to arriving in NZ)

All fees are inclusive of NZ GST, or any equivalent overseas tax.

Tuition fees are subject to change and are reviewed annually. The University reserves the right to change these published fees before enrolment to reflect any changes in Government or University Council Policy. See Enrolment and Fees Policies and Regulations for more information.

(All prices are in NZD)
Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) - Please note price is an annual cost based on 120 points$36,500
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Please note fee is an annual cost based on 120 points$7,099 - $8,552 per 120 points
(All prices are in NZD)
Master of Antarctic Studies (MASt) Tuition fee includes ANTA603 (Antarctica Field Trip)180$63,572
Master of Applied Data Science 180$45,375
Master of Applied Finance and Economics 180$45,375
Master of Applied Translation and Interpreting 180$40,800
Master of Architectural Engineering 120$44,000
Master of Arts 120
Master of Arts (Thesis) -New for 2021120$32,000
Master of Audiology 240$79,000
Masters of Business (MBUS) 180$45,375
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 180$51,750
Master of Business Information Systems (MBIS) 180$45,375
Master of Civil Engineering 120$44,000
Master of Commerce 120
Master of Computer-Assisted Language Learning 180Not open to new enrolments in 2021
Master of Counselling 240$79,000
Master of Criminal Justice 180$48,000
Master of Disaster, Risk and Resilience 180$54,750
Master of Education 120
Master of Engineering 168 (1.4efts)$61,600
Master of Engineering in Fire Engineering 210$44,000 (first 120 points)
Master of Engineering in Management - includes project fee120$44,000 (first 120 points)- Programme Fee $47,500
Master of Engineering in Transportation 180$66,000
Master of Engineering Studies 120$44,000
Master of European Union Studies 180$40,800
Master of Financial Engineering 180$59,250
Master of Fine Arts 120$36,500
Master of Forestry Science 120
Master of Geographic Information Science 120
Not open to new enrolments in 2021
Master of Health Sciences 240$79,000
Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice 180$39,000
Master of Human Interface Technology (MHIT) 120$44,000
Master of International Relations and Diplomacy 180$40,800
Master of Laws (International Law and Politics) 120$36,500
Master of Laws (LLM) 120$36,500
Master of Linguistics 180$40,800
Master of Music 120$36,500
Master of Māori and Indigenous Leadership 180$40,800
Master of Policy and Governance 180$40,800
Master of Product Design - New for 2021180$52,500
Master of Product Innovation - New for 2021180$52,500
Master of Professional Accounting 240$60,500
Master of Science Varies$39,500 per 120 points
Master of Social Work 120$27,200
Master of Social Work (Applied) 240$54,400
Master of Spatial Analysis for Public Health 180$59,250
Master of Specialist Teaching 180$48,000
Master of Speech and Language Pathology 240$73,000
Master of Sports Science 180$59,250
Master of Strategic Communication 180$40,800
Master of Te Reo Maori 240$54,400
Master of Teaching and Learning 180$39,000
Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 180$39,000
Master of Urban Resilience and Renewal 180$59,250
Master of Water Resource Management 240$79,000
Master of Writing 180$40,800
Professional Master of Engineering Geology 180$54,750
Professional Master of Geospatial Science & Technology 180$59,250
Professional Masters of Computer Science -New for 2021180$59,250
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