Funding your study at UC

Student loans and allowances

Studylink offers student loans and allowances to eligible students to pay for tuition fees and study-related costs.  Complete the Eligiblity Test on the Studylink website to see what you are eligible for. You can also check Studylink's residency requirements and definition of full-time study

Each year of study requires a new loan (and allowance) application and can take time to process during busy periods so you are advised to apply early - your enrolment at UC will only be finalised once your loan is approved. 

UC is not involved in the administration of loans and student allowances offered through StudyLink. If your student loan is cancelled or declined by Studylink for any reason, your enrolment at UC will not be cancelled and you will be liable for any tuition fees owed. 

If you have only one or two courses to complete your qualification or you have a health condition or disability that limits your ability to study full-time, you may be able to apply for limited full-time status with StudyLink. This allows you to undertake a reduced workload but still receive the same benefits as if you were studying full-time. Limited full-time status is not normally applicable to students studying a reduced workload due to poor academic performance. 

Fees Free study

You may be eligible to study fees-free in your first year of study at UC with the NZ Government's Fees Free scheme. Find out if you're eligible on the Fees Free website. You may need to complete a Statutory Declaration to prove your eligiblity - make sure you get this done early as your enrolment at UC will not be confirmed until this is done.  If you are a scholarship recipient, see how Fees Free study affects you on the Scholarships FAQs page. 


Scholarships, grants and awards are a great way of funding your university study. UC offers over $20 million in scholarships and prizes annually to help fund our students' study. Search the database for scholarships you are eligible for and check the application closing dates on the Scholarships page. 

USA Financial Loans, Federal Loans and VA Benefits

Private Loans

If you are a US citizen (or permanent resident), you may choose to fund your study at UC with an American private financial loan, such as a Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan. UC certifies the amount you can borrow based on an estimated Cost of Attendance (including your tuition fees, estimated living costs, and other study-related costs). Payments are made directly to UC and once your tuition fees have been paid any remaining funds can be paid into your NZ bank account. An outline of what to expect euring the student loan application process is available on the Sallie Mae website.  Email with any questions. 

Federal Loans

UC is a Federal Student Loan Deferment-Only Institution which means you are able to defer loan repayments while enrolled at UC (full-time or at least half-time) if you have an existing federal student loan but federal loans are not available for study at UC.

VA Benefits

Veterans Affairs Benefits can be used to pay for study at UC. Once you have gained admission to UC, you will need to provide your Certificate of Eligibility to  

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