Domestic Undergraduate Fees

Get an idea of the fees you will pay as a domestic student for undergraduate qualifications. 

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for domestic undergraduate students are calculated by adding together the fees for each enrolled course for the year. Undergraduate courses are banded by subject area and the tuition fee is indicated on the course occurrence page for each course.

The tables below give an estimate for the tuition fees you are likely to pay for your first year of study as a domestic student according to your chosen qualification. You can also select your courses in the Fees Estimator to get an idea of your tuition fee costs. 

Non-tuition fees

In addition to tuition fees, students are charged a Student Services Levy (SSL) that is used to benefit students through a range of services on campus. There can also be additional non-tuition fees that may be included in your Statement of Fees.

Statement of Fees

Once you have completed your enrolment you will receive your Enrolment Agreement with a Statement of Fees that outlines your exact tuition fee and non-tuition fee costs as well as details on how to pay your fees.


All fees are inclusive of NZ GST, or any equivalent overseas tax.

Tuition fees estimate for first year domestic undergraduate students

Bachelor's DegreesPoints2022 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
Bachelor of Arts 120$6,388 - $7,134
Bachelor of Commerce 120$6,761 - $6,997
Bachelor of Communication 120$6,436 - $6,569
Bachelor of Criminal Justice 120$6,668
Bachelor of Data Science 120$6,945
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours 120$7,554
Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours 120$7,120
Bachelor of Fine Arts 120$6,948
Bachelor of Forestry Science 120$7,507
Bachelor of Health Sciences 120$6,866
Bachelor of Laws 120$6,691
Bachelor of Maori Innovation 120$6,871
Bachelor of Music 120$7,134
Bachelor of Product Design 120
$7,349 - $7,421
$6,371 - $6,750
$7,276 - $7,421
Bachelor of Science 120$6,388 - $7,405
Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability 120$6,562
Bachelor of Social Work with Honours 120$6,481
Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology Honours 120$7,168
Bachelor of Sport Coaching 120$6,667
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (EarlyChildhood) - Change of name subject to CUAP approval120$6,388
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) 120$6,388
Bachelor of Youth and Community Leadership 120$6,901
The Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (BA/BCom – 540 points) 135$7,406
The Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Science (BA/BSc – 540 points) 135$7,698
The Conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BCom/BSc - 540 points) 135$7,914
The Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Commerce (BProdDesign/BCom - 540 points) 135$8,110
The Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Science (BProdDesign/BSc - 540 points) 135$8,322



Certificates and DiplomasPoints2022 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
Certificate in Arts 60$3,194 - $3,381
Certificate in Commerce 60$3,381 - $3,567
Certificate in Criminal Justice 60$3,194
Certificate in Health Sciences 60$3,703
Certificate in Languages 60$3,194
Certificate in Maori Language and Pedagogies: Aumiri Pounamu 60$3,194
Certificate in Science 60$3,194 - $3,703
Certificate in Sport Coaching 60$3,194
Certificate in Youth and Community Leadership 60$3,194
Diploma in Advancing University Studies 120$6,388 - $7,405
Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering (45 points cross-credited from BE(Hons))120$4,400
Diploma in Health Sciences 120$7,405
Diploma in Languages 120$6,388

Tuition fees are subject to change and are reviewed annually. The University reserves the right to change these published fees before enrolment to reflect any changes in Government or University Council Policy. See Enrolment and Fees Policies and Regulations for more information.

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