Domestic Undergraduate Fees

Relevant qualifications

You need to pay undergraduate tuition fees if you plan on studying towards any of the following qualifications at UC: 

Fees Estimate

Courses are the building blocks for every programme of study and each course will have a cost associated with it. The total cost of a year’s tuition is the sum of all fees for courses you are enrolled in. The cost of an individual course can be found on the relevant Course page. Each course is worth a certain number of points and it is these points that count towards your qualification when you have passed the course. The more work a course requires, the more points it's worth. Typically, a full time student will study around 120 points each year.

The table below is an estimate of the yearly tuition fees (120 points) from the appropriate subject / College. For example, if you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts, the fees will be based on selected courses from the College of Arts. If you decide to take elective courses from another College, these courses may be at a different rate therefore the total cost for 120 points may be slightly higher.

The easiest way to calculate your fees is through the Fees Estimator – you can add the papers you are wanting to enrol in and see what the cost will be, specific to you. 


  • Non-tuition fees will apply.
  • Additional course related costs, such as workshops and field trips may apply.
  • All fees are inclusive of NZ GST, or any equivalent overseas tax.
  • Your total tuition fees for each year are calculated by the cost of each individual course that makes up your programme of study therefore the prices below are indicative only.

Tuition fees are subject to change and are reviewed annually. The University reserves the right to change these published fees before enrolment to reflect any changes in Government or University Council Policy. See Enrolment and Fees Policies and Regulations for more information.

BachelorsPoints2021 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
2022 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
Bachelor of Arts 120$6,281 - $7,015$6,388 - $7,134
Bachelor of Commerce 120$6,648 - $6,880$6,761 - $6,997
Bachelor of Communication 120$6,328 - $6,459$6,436 - $6,569
Bachelor of Criminal Justice 120$6,556$6,668
Bachelor of Data Science 120$6,829$6,945
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours 120$7,427$7,554
Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours 120$7,001$7,120
Bachelor of Fine Arts 120$6,832$6,948
Bachelor of Forestry Science 120$7,382$7,507
Bachelor of Health Sciences 120$6,751$6,866
Bachelor of Laws 120$6,579$6,691
Bachelor of Maori Innovation 120$6,756$6,871
Bachelor of Music 120$7,015$7,134
Bachelor of Product Design 120
$7,226 - $7,297
$6,264 - $6,637
$7,154 - $7,297
$7,349 - $7,421
$6,371 - $6,750
$7,276 - $7,421
Bachelor of Science 120$6,281 - $7,281$6,388 - $7,405
Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability 120$6,452$6,562
Bachelor of Social Work with Honours 120$6,371$6,481
Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology Honours 120$7,048$7,168
Bachelor of Sport Coaching 120$6,556$6,667
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (EarlyChildhood) - Change of name subject to CUAP approval120$6,281$6,388
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) 120$6,281$6,388
Bachelor of Youth and Community Leadership 120$6,785$6,901
Double and Conjoint degrees 135$7,282
The Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Science (BA/BSc – 540 points) 135$7,569$7,698
The Conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BCom/BSc - 540 points)
The Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Commerce (BProdDesign/BCom - 540 points) 135$7,975$8,110
The Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Science (BProdDesign/BSc - 540 points) 135$8,183$8,322
Graduate Certificates and DiplomasPoints2021 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
2022 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching 60$3,141$3,194
Graduate Diploma in Arts 120$6,281 - $7,015$6,388 - $7,134
Graduate Diploma in Commerce 120$6,648 - $6,880$6,761 - 6,997
Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice 120$6,281$6,388
Graduate Diploma in Journalism 120$6,281$6,388
Graduate Diploma in Science 120$6,281 - $7,281$6,388 - $7,405
Graduate Diploma in Strategic Communication 120$6,281$6,388
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning 150$7,852$7,985
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning Early Childhood 150$7,851$7,985
Certificates and DiplomasPoints2021 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
2022 Fees Estimate
per indicated points
Certificate in Arts 60$3,141-$3,324$3,194 - $3,381
Certificate in Commerce 60$3,324-$3,508$3,381 - $3,567
Certificate in Criminal Justice 60$3,141$3,194
Certificate in Health Sciences $3,703
Certificate in Languages 60$3,141$3,194
Certificate in Maori Language and Pedagogies: Aumiri Pounamu 60$3,141$3,194
Certificate in Science 60$3,141-$3,641$3,194 - $3,703
Certificate in Sport Coaching 60$3,141$3,194
Certificate in Youth and Community Leadership 60$3,141$3,194
Diploma in Advancing University Studies 120$6,281 - $7,281$6,388 - $7,405
Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering (45 points cross-credited from BE(Hons))120$4,326$4,400
Diploma in Health Sciences $7,405
Diploma in Languages 120 $6,281$6,388
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