Rā Tōmene | Open Day timetable

Discover your degree and study options, services and support available, and what to expect from uni life in general.





9:00am - 9:50am

  • Computer Science & Software Engineering, E9
  • Health Sciences, C3
  • Bachelor of Speech & Language Pathology with Honours, E6
  • Geology, Rehua 102
  • Bachelor of Science, C2
  • UC Business School – Overview, A1
  • Bachelor of Arts, A2
  • Library Information Session & Tour, Room 224
  • Uni 101 (Introduction to the University), C1
  • Civil & Natural Resources Engineering, E5


  • Uni 101 (Introduction to the University), C1


  • Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science & Financial Engineering, E5
  • Accounting & Taxation, A1
  • Information Systems, A3
  • Education in the Bachelor of Arts, Rehua 009
  • Geography, C2
  • Bachelor of Communication, and Media and Communication in the Bachelor of Arts, A2
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rehua 005
  • Physics and Astronomy, C3
  • Library Information Session & Tour, Room 224
  • Physics and Astronomy, C3
  • Criminal Justice, C1
  • Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering, E8
  • Chemical and Process Engineering, E7


  • Parents and Whanau session, Drawing Room
  • Youth and Community Leadership, Rehua 009
  • Applied Immersive Game Design, E5
  • Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability, Rehua 005
  • Biology, C2
  • Bachelor of Music and Music in the Bachelor of Arts, A3
  • Law, C1
  • Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, C3
  • Philosophy, English, Cinema Studies & Cultural Studies,A2
  • Civil & Natural Resources Engineering, E8
  • Economics & Finance, A1
  • Library Information Session & Tour, Room 224


  • UCSA Life outside of lectures, Ngaio Marsh
  • Marketing, A1
  • Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering, E5
  • Information Systems, A3
  • Preparing with purpose: Pathways for year 11 & 12, Drawing Room
  • Chemical Formulation Design, E7
  • Psychology, C1
  • UC Māori, Te Moana 226
  • History, Art History, Classics & Digital Humanities, A2
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering, E8
  • Library Information Session & Tour, Room 226
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours, C2
  • Māori and Indigenous Studies and Te Reo Māori, Rehua 005
  • Sport Coaching, C3




  • Law & Criminal Justice Overview, C1
  • Library Information Session & Tour, Room 226
  • Secondary Teacher Education, Rehua 102
  • Management Majors, A2
  • Life in Christchurch, 1:00 pm - 1:25pm, Ngaio Marsh
  • Uni 101 (Introduction to the University), 1:00pm – 1:25pm, C2
  • Industrial Product Design, E8
  • Forestry Science and Forest Engineering, E5
  • PPE/ Int. Relations/ Global Societies & Cultures/ Society, Diversity & Change, Rehau 005
  • Bachelor of Science, C3
  • How to student when you are over 25: Student Success stories, Drawing room
  • Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours, A1
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Rehua 009
  • UC Pasifika, 1:30pm – 1:55pm, Te Moana 226

1: 30pm – 1:55pm,

Uni101 (Introduction to the University), C1



  • Chemical and Process Engineering,
  • Physics and Astronomy, C2
  • Creative Industries & Contemporary Practice/Cultural Heritage/Language, Brain & Behaviour, A3
  • Library Information Session & Tour, Room 226
  • Computer Science & Software Engineering, E5
  • Political Science and International Relations, EU Studies, Languages, A3
  • Ako: Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Early Childhood, Primary, Mātauranga Māori endorsements), Rehua 102
  • Biochemistry, C1
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering, E7
  • Tourism Marketing and Management, Rehua 005
  • Geology, E6

2:30pm - 2:50pm

  • International students - enrol stress free @ UC, Ngaio Marsh

3:00pm - 3:50pm

  • Library Information Session & Tour, Room 226
  • Bachelor of Data Science,C1
  • Ako: Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Early Childhood, Primary, Mātauranga Māori endorsements),Rehua 102
  • Geography, E6
  • Anthropology, Linguistics & Sociology, A2
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science & Financial Engineering, E8
  • UCSA Life outside of lectures, Ngaio Marsh
  • Psychology, C2
  • UC Business School Discussion Session - Q&A, exchanges, internships, study tours, degree options, A1
  • Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, C3
  • UC Business School Post Grad options - Mcom, Business Taught Masters, MBA, MBIS, MPA, MAFE, A3

4pm - 4.25pm 


*Repeat sessions


Study and Degree Sessions

Not sure what you want to study yet? Want to find out about how courses are run? Wondering about career paths? We got you.

Pop into our specific course and subject information sessions, which run throughout the day for either 25 or 55 minutes. The sessions cover:

  • What each subject is about
  • What skills you will gain
  • How it is taught
  • Where our graduates have been employed and what jobs and activities they do
  • An opportunity for Q&A

Check out more details on College Information Sessions.

More information on tours can be found here.

Information on College Information Sessions.

Services and Support Sessions

UC is committed to providing a wide range of services that enable students to develop to their full potential and achieve their goals. 

Find out what services are available, ask questions, and pick up information at the College Info Hubs.


12pm and 3pm

With hundreds of student-led clubs, there’s something for everyone at UC, whether you want to continue a passion or discover a new one. There’s always something going on, so it’s no surprise we’re regarded as the most vibrant and engaged student body in the country!

Hear from students first-hand about the clubs, events, eateries, facilities, and services on campus.

Uni 101 (Introduction to University)

9am, 9.30am, 1pm, 1.30pm, 4pm, 4.30pm

With so many options to choose from and different terminology used, it’s not surprising that university can seem like a big leap from high school. In this session, the Liaison team will cover uni admin such as key terminology, degree structures, available support, and – the biggest step of all – how and when to apply.

Current first year students will also be there to give advice on ways to settle in and make the most of your time at UC.

Parents and Whānau


The move from secondary school – or the workplace – to university is a major step. For school-leavers, this change represents the start of adult life and comes with a sense of increased independence and responsibility. Similarly, switching from work to study can be a significant adjustment for adults, their partners, and whānau.

As parent or whanau, you want the best for your family member, including a quality education that prepares them for whatever they choose to do with their future. You also want them to have the freedom to discover new things, make smart choices, and to be well supported.

At UC, we want the same thing. Our priority is to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for all our students. Join this session to hear about UC’s inclusive learning environment and the extensive support services available to our students.

Prepare with Purpose: Pathways for Year 11 & 12


This session will explore the question “Is university the right option for me? If so, how do I prepare for it?”

Our liaison team will cover the key things you need to do to gain entry into UC, what courses you need, and how to understand the options available for you to explore. We’ll also highlight the importance of connecting with UC as early as possible, and ways for you to do so.

UC Māori


Life in Ōtautahi Christchurch

1pm - 1.30ppm

Ōtautahi Christchurch is a unique, bustling urban centre and a basecamp for exploring the incredibly diverse Waitaha Canterbury region. As the ‘Gateway to the South Island,’ it’s also a great location from which to travel further.

Find out what makes Ōtautahi Christchurch NZ’s most exciting place to live.

How to Student When You Are Over 25: Student Success Stories


This session is tailored to students aged 25 and over. Current and graduated adult students will share significant insights from their experiences of studying at UC. Their stories include information about the services on campus, particularly the specific support offered through the Academic Skills Centre, Library, Māori, Pacific and Equity, Student Care, and mentoring. They’ll also share tips on how to succeed at UC, and you’ll have an opportunity to talk with staff and students and ask specific questions.

International Students - Enrol Stress Free @ UC


This session is designed for international students. Hear from current international students about their experiences studying at UC and in New Zealand, and find out what you need to enrol stress-free for 2023.