The commercial production of organic materials (wastes and sludges) into WTI crude oil – from Christchurch to the global stage

Presenter: Dr. Chris Bathurst
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 July 2019 to Tuesday, 16 July 2019
  • Time: 05:00PM to 06:00PM
  • Location: E5, Engineering Core
  • Ticket: Free

Dr. Chris Bathurst, awarded his PhD in 1966 from the University of Canterbury, is coming to the University to present and discuss a process he has engineered for efficiently and economically producing Crude oil from waste organic products. The DIAGEN process can convert tyres, plastics, organic effluents and emissions into traditional crude oil. Aiming to energise a zero-emissions world. The technology promises to fit-the-gap so existing equipment and infrastructure, heavily reliant on fossil fuels, can be used in a more environmentally friendly manner, by utilising burdensome waste otherwise destined for landfill. After a commercial set-back due to the earthquake, the DIAGEN unit was relocated to a Sydenham factory where further development has continued to tune the process for more types of toxic organic compounds and waste. The DIAGEN team is now confident in the technology and are marketing industrial units internationally.

Come join us for a presentation on the process, it’s history and plans for the future. To be followed by discussion and debate.

* If there is sufficient demand this event can be streamed and recorded. Please request by contacting the event administrator.

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