Maramataka Symposium: Embedding Indigenous Knowledge(s) in Education

  • Date: Monday, 12 December 2022 to Tuesday, 13 December 2022
  • Time: 08:00AM to 05:00PM
  • Location: Haere-roa , 90 Ilam Road, Ilam,
  • Ticket: Paid

Maramataka Symposium: Embedding Indigenous Knowledge(s) in Education

Tickets are now live! You can now purchase your tickets for the 2022 Maramataka Symposuim. 

  • In person tickets include two days in person conference attendance, kai and drinks. Also included in this ticket is a formal dinner on the final night.
  • Online tickets - you will be sent a link to the online sessions, before the event. 
  • If you or your organisation would like to sponsor a ticket for someone in the community, please purchase ticket like usual, add the words "sponsored ticket" and answer the sponsored ticket question at the end and we will allocate tickets for you. If you know who you would like to sponsor you can add their details in when you purchase the ticket like a normal ticket, please ensure you use their email address for their ticket, so they receive event updates from us.

This hybrid symposium will promote and celebrate indigenous knowledge(s), with a specific focus on maramataka (the Māori lunar calendar), kaulana mahina (the Hawaiian lunar calendar) and tātai arorangi (Māori celestial knowledge). Experts in these fields will share their knowledge with participants, including international presenters from Hawai’i and Nukutere (Cook Islands). This will provide a unique opportunity for collaboration between indigenous knowledge holders from across Te Moana nui ā Kiwa, which will add to the richness of the knowledge that is shared. The focus of the symposium will be on embedding indigenous knowledge in education. The symposium will include presentations from indigenous practitioners and knowledge holders, as well as educators who have successfully embedded indigenous knowledge(s) into their kura/kula curriculums and/or educational settings.

This symposium will be held over 2 days. Day 1 will follow a traditional symposium format, with presentations from our keynote speakers. However, Day 2 will consist of interactive workshops which will give participants the opportunity for active participation, contribution and hands on learning. Numbers for in-person attendance are limited, therefore, preference will be given to practitioners and educators who are actively working in this space. However, this is a hybrid event and will be streamed online for those who are not able to attend in person.

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