Food for thought: Kai, culture, and food fundamentals

Presenter: Freerange Press and the Teece Museum
  • Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2019 to Wednesday, 3 July 2019
  • Time: 05:45PM to 06:45PM
  • Location: Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities, UC Arts city location, 3 Hereford St
  • Ticket: Free

Food tells a story. A story about where it came from, who produced it, and its journey from source to plate. We all share in the experience of food: it connects a diversity of people, places, and ideas. But what is our Aotearoa New Zealand food story? Who eats what and why? How does food shape culture and culture shape food?

Matariki is time when tangata whenua traditionally celebrated the harvest season, so it is an apt time to discuss feasts, food fundamentals, and identity.

Join contributors from Freerange Press’s Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa in discussion with Erin Harrington (University of Canterbury), as they explore some of the current issues involved in the growing, making and eating of our food.

Before the panel discussion, visit the Teece Museum’s Fantastic Feasts. The exhibition explores food in the ancient world, examining what the ancient Greeks and Romans actually ate, the connections they believed existed between food and the gods, and the feasting traditions they developed both to bring their communities together and to set them apart. Doors open at 5.00pm - Teece Museum’s Fantastic Feasts exhibition is free to view, talk begins at 5.45pm.

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