Fake News! An evening with Kamala Hayman, Linda Jean Kenix and Peter Field

Presenter: College of Arts
  • Date: Monday, 15 November 2021 to Monday, 15 November 2021
  • Time: 06:00PM to 07:30PM
  • Location: Recital Room, UC Arts City Location, 3 Hereford St
  • Ticket: Free $0

Please ensure you register for a free ticket to this event as numbers will be restricted.


What is real? What is a distortion? And who benefits from misinformation? Join editor of The Press, Kamala Hayman, with UC's Peter Field and Linda Jean Kenix as they discuss information, news, and politics in the era of dishonesty.

Kamala Hayman has been editor of The Press since 2017. She has 30 years experience in journalism including a decade on newspapers in London.

She has worked at The Press since 2003 where she has been a reporter, chief reporter, and digital editor leading the news team through the earthquakes, floods, fires and the 2019 terror attack. This year The Press was named Newspaper of the Year in the Voyager Media Awards.

Kamala studied at Canterbury University where she graduated with a first class honours degree in chemistry and a post-graduate diploma in journalism.

She is a proud Cantabrian who is at her happiest spending time outdoors with her husband and two sons.

Professor Linda Jean Kenix is head of the school of Language, Social & Political Sciences. Her research gives specific attention to the agenda setting function of both mass and alternative media in the process of social change. She is very interested in how the media portray different groups and how that representation informs how societies shift.

Associate Professor Peter Field is head of Humanities and Creative Arts at UC. His research interests include the social history of the early American republic, American statesmanship, the presidency, intellectual history from Socrates onward.



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