Annual Symposium, New Zealand South Asia Centre

Presenter: Keynote speaker: Professor Rohan D'Souza
  • Date: Monday, 21 November 2022 to Monday, 21 November 2022
  • Time: 10:00AM to 05:00PM
  • Location: Karl Popper 612, University of Canterbury
  • Ticket: Free

The NZSAC Annual Symposium 2022 presents an annual platform to discuss current research on South Asia across multiple disciplines.

Theme: South Asian Pluralities

Often represented as a source of relentless division within the subcontinent, differences in race, ethnicity, and culture and the changing relationships of people to local and global change in ecology and the environment also offer opportunities for multiple responses to historical, political, and economic challenges.

Echoing Kapila Vatsyayan in arguing for ‘complementarity between the geo-physical and eco-cultural zones in South Asia’, New Zealand South Asia Centre embraces South Asian pluralities as a theme for the 2022 Annual symposium. As Vatsysyan suggests, a respectful understanding of human differences is the way to find consensus in responding to environmental challenges in the modern world, a consensus that can also strengthen sustainable politics, societies, and economies.

NZSAC welcomes papers considering any aspect of the contribution of pluralities to South Asian history, culture, politics, and future-proofing. Postgraduate papers and work in progress are particularly welcome.

Keynote speaker
Professor Rohan D'Souza

Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies,
Kyoto University

Topic: ‘Post-Covid Imaginings and the Rise and the Fall of India’s Ed-tech Boom’

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NZSAC Annual Symposium 2022 


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