Study support

The Equity & Disability Service offers a large number of supports to our registered students based on the medical evidence provided. While every attempt will be made to provide the support required as soon as possible, there may be delays in providing services or it may not be possible to provide every support required.

Accessible formats and assistive technology

The Alternative Format Centre (AFC) specialises in converting information into accessible formats and providing information and demonstrations of assistive technology.

Hearing Assistance Devices 

Hearing Assistance Devices for people with hearing impairments.  These essentially amplify sound directly into the ear through the use of earphones connected to a hand-sized receiver.  Sound is transmitted wirelessly by the speaker to the device which separates the sounds, particularly speech, that a person wants to hear from background noise.  Easy to use, simply tune to the room signal and listen at the preferred volume.  To book a Hearing Assistance Device please contact the Equity & Disability Service.

Laboratory and fieldwork assistance

For students who are unable to carry out the practical requirements of courses that require laboratory or fieldwork, an assistant can be provided to work with the student to assist in carrying out practical tasks.

An assistant can also be provided for health and safety reasons.


Learn is used by Lecturers to deliver course material and online tests, discussion groups and live chat for class members. If you have any difficulties with accessing Learn material, or are not sure how to log-in, contact the IT helpdesk for assistance on ext. 6060. 
If you are unable to read the material on Learn please contact your Disability Advisor.

Limited Full-Time Study

As a student registered with our service, you may be eligible to apply for Limited Full-Time Study which enables you to study part-time and retain eligibility for a Student Allowance. For further information, contact your Disability Advisor.
Download the Limited Full-time Study Application form.


Notetakers may be arranged for students with disabilities who are unable to take notes in lectures. The provision of this service requires that students attend all lectures for which Notetakers are provided. Lecture notes can be produced in an alternative format if required.

For more information see the Notetaking information page.

Research assistance

Research Assistants can be arranged for post-graduate students who are undertaking research as part of their thesis or dissertation and who have disability-related difficulties with carrying out research.

Recording of lectures

Many students record their lectures with the prior permission of the Lecturer concerned and students with disabilities may find it useful to do so, but the Lecturer’s permission must be sought first.

Recording a lecture enables the student to listen to a lecture without being distracted by having to write notes at the same time. Some lecture theatres are equipped to automatically record lectures. These recordings are made available on Learn.

Resource rooms

The following resource rooms are available to students registered with the Equity & Disability Service who have arranged use with their Disability Advisor. Rooms are available on a 'room-booking, first-served' basis and can be booked online.

The Green Room and Blue Room

The Green Room and Blue Room are located in the basement of the Erskine building. The Green Room has a PC and a Mac while the Blue Room has a PC. Both rooms have the following assistive technology:

  • JAWS screen reader
  • Natural Reader screen reader
  • MAGic screen magnifier
  • MathType math processor
  • ZoomText screen magnifier/reader
  • OpenBook optical character recognition
  • Dragon speech recognition and audio transcriber
  • TextHelp learning support program
  • CCTV magnifier
  • Microtek scanner 

The keys to these rooms can be picked up from the Equity & Disability Service.

The Alcove

The Alcove is located on level 2 of the Puaka-James Hight Library. It provides a study area with specialised equipment for students with disabilities, and while other students have access to the equipment, students with disabilities have priority use at all times.

There are two computers in the Alcove. The assistive technology on these computers includes Open Book, JAWS, Magic. They are on height-adjustable desks and further ergonomic equipment can be provided on request.

Rest room

Currently unavailable.

Sign language interpreting

New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters can be arranged for students who are Deaf, subject to availability.

Word processing

A word processing service is available for students who are unable to word-process their assignments due to disability-related reasons.