2020 Student Survey Results

At the end of each year, EDS asks students to evaluate our service. This is also an opportunity to receive constructive suggestions on how we can improve the experience for our students each year.

 Survey Highlights

92% replied yes when asked whether the EDS supports enabled them to have the same opportunity to learn and achieve as their classmates.

89% said that their interactions with the Equity and Disability Service helped equip them with the strategies required to advocate for themselves in an academic environment.

 Evaluation of notetaking and special arrangements for tests

In 2020 the notetaking service was utilised by approximately 56% of EDS registered students, covering 9,915 sets of lecture notes over 618 different courses throughout the year. This is a significant increase in demand of 4.3% from the previous year. 79% of respondents who received lecture notes as part of their support plan were satisfied or more than satisfied with the notetaking service provided.

Special Arrangements for tests and exams were used by approximately 79% of our students. Students generally felt that their exam special arrangements gave them the same opportunities as their peers to demonstrate their knowledge in the exam setting. 80% of respondents were satisfied or more than satisfied with the special test and exam arrangements provided for them.

 Students’ Comments

  • No issues, lockdown helped me to complete the semester with a high grade and gave me a chance to breathe and do my assignments without too much stress.
  • I had pre-existing mental health issues before the Lockdown but they were significantly worsened by it and the academic expectations did not change to reflect the situation so I didn't actually get the chance to recover properly until the end of the year.
  • I struggled to concentrate and suffered troublesome thoughts because of COVID
  • I found not being on campus or having live classes was very isolating.
  • It could be hard sometimes with Zoom as some lectures (or mine) had poor internet so the recording would lag. But everything else was great
  • Supports enabled me to achieve very well and the staff is extremely helpful.
  • Great staff so helpful
  • I've found them great, especially Filia she’s 10/10
  • Nicola was lovely to deal with. It is annoying that you can only download the notes as a folder as every time I try to download a new lecture it re-downloads all of them in that folder.
  • The extra time I receive helps me achieve to the highest level I can without the pressure of not having enough time to finish exams.
  • The support from the EDS meant that when I had a written exam I could use a computer (which was better for my RSI) and so I was not disadvantaged. They’ve also helped when I’ve been struggling with my mental health.
  • I think people with mental health issues might be hesitant to sign up for a “disability service” so perhaps it needs to be made clear that the service also caters to mental health
  • EDS allows me to access resources that help me keep up with the other students in my class.
  • The note-taking service really helped as I was incapable of writing notes when I had my disability so the EDS really helped to keep me updated with my notes just like my classmates
  • Notes were good but not offered all the time. Most classes are now recorded, which is a lot better.
  • Great service!! In normal life, it is already challenging to live with the disability and the EDS is just a great help and support at UC.






2020 Student Survey