2018 Student Survey Results

At the end of each year, DRS students are asked to evaluate our service. We also take this opportunity to receive constructive suggestions on how we can improve the experience for our students each year.

Survey Highlights

92% replied yes, when asked whether the DRS supports enabled them to have the same opportunity to learn and achieve as their classmates.

88% said that their interactions with the Disability Resource Service helped equip them with the strategies required to advocate for themselves in an academic environment.

Evaluation of notetaking and special arrangements for tests

In 2018 the notetaking service was utilised by approximately 45% of DRS registered students, covering 9,011 sets of lecture notes over 476 different courses throughout the year. This is a significant increase in demand of 8% from the previous year. 92% of respondents who received lecture notes as part of their support plan were satisfied or more than satisfied with the notetaking service provided.

Special Arrangements for tests and exams were used by approximately 80% of our students. Students generally felt that their exam special arrangements gave them the same opportunities as their peers to demonstrate their knowledge in the exam setting. 96% of respondents were satisfied or more than satisfied with the special test and exam arrangements provided for them.

Students’ Comments

“Special arrangements have been easy to organize.”

“On the bright side, the team has been very supportive. I really appreciate your work and effort.”

“The application process was very easy and was the disability resource services people were very helpful.”

“Note quality is good and compliments the information learned while attending lectures. Some handwriting is difficult to read but overall the notes are easy to follow. Notes taken on class handouts are sometimes difficult to associate with the correct material in the handout, but generally this hasn't been an issue.”

“Special arrangements for exams have been great and are very useful. The coordinators that look over the exams are so lovely and helpful.”

“Special arrangements have really helped me to manage my anxiety levels.”

“Special arrangements and supervisors have been great.”

“I have found the assistance from Disability Resources extremely helpful in completing my university work. Quality of notes was really good and my lecturers were a lot more understanding around extensions on essays due to the learning plan they were given by DRS.”

“Note quality varied. Over all though was a fantastic service!”

“All the notes I have gotten have been of a high quality.”

“Very helpful has made a massive improvement on my ability to achieve.”

“Brilliant services, has really helped me get through my years at University with the support and kindness received.”

“If possible, typed notes would be preferred -hand written ones can sometimes be hard to read and/or get cut off. Also there can be some note missing sometimes or else a large delay in uploads.”

General demographics of DRS students in 2018