2014 Student Survey results

At the end of 2014, DRS asked students to evaluate our service. The results were generally very positive regarding all services provided by DRS. Despite that, there is still progress to be made by the departments and wider community at UC to support students with disabilities.

Highlights: DRS is levelling the playing field for students with disabilities

91% replied yes, when asked whether the DRS supports enabled them to have the same opportunity to learn as their classmates.

DRS is actively working to promote our services and advocate for students on campus.
Diversity Week will be held in March 2015 to raise awareness for disabilities around the university.

General Demographic of DRS Students

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties, Medical Conditions and Mental Health Issues are the biggest groups in DRS with most students belonging to the Colleges of Arts, Science and Engineering.

2014 DRS student survey demographic

Evaluation of note taking and special arrangements for tests

Notetaking, which is a service provided to roughly 25% of our students, ranges from very helpful, high-quality notes to less comprehensive notes. DRS has addressed this issue of inconsistent quality by revising our Notetaker Training to focus more on how to write good notes. Quality checks will be a regular occurrence in 2015.

Special Arrangements for tests and exams are used by 80% of our students and generally very helpful.

Memorable quotes

“The help offered generally goes well beyond my expectation.”

"It has given me the chance to have my knowledge presented accurately to my examiners rather than being hindered by my specific learning disability."

"I am really grateful for the support that I have had from Rachel, I wouldn't have been able to continue at uni in my worst patches if it wasn't for her encouragement, help sorting Studylink, and kind words."

“The friendly and compassionate disability support team make getting help much easier”

“Without the ability to type my exams […] I would have never made it to MA Level.”

"I have had absolutely fabulous help from Samuel and Nicola."

“The Disability Resource Service helps close the gaps between me and the hearing students.”