About the Equity & Disability Service

A large number of students with disabilities study at the University and the Equity & Disability Service is here to assist students with disabilities by providing appropriate, disability-related study support services and specialist resources such as:

  • Practical support (e.g. interpreters, notetakers)
  • Assistive technology (e.g. digital voice recorder, CCTV, screen reading and voice recognition software)
  • Information in alternate formats (e.g. electronic, enlarged, tactile diagrams, braille)
  • Special arrangements for exams (e.g. extra time, separate room, readers and/or writers)

In addition to providing individual supports, the service also provides advice and general information on disability-related issues at the university to both students and staff.

We are very aware that each student’s needs are different. There may be individual queries you have about things that are not covered here. If this is the case, or you have any general queries about disability services at the University of Canterbury, do feel free to contact the team here at the Equity & Disability Service.